ALIP delivery services and programs

Create a delivery roadmap that accelerates your digital business transformation.

Accelerating business value

Once you decide to modernize we know it’s important to go live quickly with minimal disruption or surprises. Our approach maximizes upfront value so your plan and budget reflect the highest return in the least amount of time. We’ll help identify high-value capabilities, services and products for a delivery road map that will accelerate and transform your digital business.

Whether you have fully defined and vetted business needs and processes, or want to leverage an iterative approach, ALIP’s delivery techniques and Accenture’s global scale combine to drive accelerated business value.

Experience that promotes confidence and success

With more than 2,000 combined years’ ALIP experience, our delivery teams apply proven best practices and tools that eliminate upfront legacy complications.

Expert delivery

Proven performance metrics achieved on time and within budget

  • More than 2,000 combined years’ ALIP delivery experience
  • Round-the-clock delivery and testing from Accenture global resources

Integration center of excellence

Take integration off the critical path

  • Speed implementation with ALIP’s Interface Exchange, a library of pre-tested, ready-to-use interfaces, APIs and B2B services.
  • Expand your IT and partner network with an ever-growing library—integrations built for one client benefit all.
  • Build and test interfaces in real-time using our Integration Workbench.

Testing center of excellence

Ongoing testing throughout implementation

  • Standardized test data, testing processes and reusable test library
  • Continuous integration and automated regression
  • Product Testing Workbench and Product Value Debugger proven to reduce test time up to 50%
  • IBM Rational Tools and Worksoft automation allow seamless automation with little or no coding

Migration expertise

Convert legacy policies with confidence

  • Industry-leading practices and robust tool sets
  • Data integrity from extraction to modern production environment
  • Validation and verification: automated encryption/decryption, summary balancing reports and more

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Programs that maximize value & minimize risk

You manage risk every day. Your technology platform doesn’t have to be part of it. ALIP has programs that minimize risk and maximize value. Modernize your technology and be confident that you’ll deliver continuous value.

Base First development

Customize, configure and test in significantly less time

  • Client configuration enhancements go back to the base platform
  • Ever-growing library of production-ready product templates, enhancements, functionality and best practices

Continuous Upgrade program

Prevent legacy lockout

  • Improve IT cost planning and predictability
  • Access the latest product templates, configurations and enhancements
  • Upgrade at a fraction of the cost of “big bang” upgrades


Gain even greater value from your ALIP investment

  • ALIP University delivers ongoing training and certification
  • Courses address skill levels from novice to advanced
  • eLearning video library

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Legacy blocks: Should they stay or should they go?

Insurers know they need to modernize their policy administration systems to grow their businesses more profitably. Yet some insurers lack the resource capacity or capability in house while others consider the costs and potential risks too great compared to the potential return on investment. These were valid concerns, until now.

New tools, technologies and delivery approaches make it more cost effective than before to migrate legacy blocks with substantially less risk. They also unlock business value from the data and provide valuable insights that can drive product innovation, market opportunities and deliver a consistent consumer and agent experience across product lines and channels.