dacadoo Risk Engine

Reduce underwriting risk and increase underwriting speed using granular morbidity, mortality and health data.

Advance your underwriting processes to profitably address new markets and improve the buying experience to meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

Predict, assess and underwrite with speed and ease

Today’s digitally savvy customers expect to sign up for a life insurance policy in minutes using a completely digital process. dacadoo Risk Engine helps make it possible—without a paramedical exam or added business risk.

Risk Engine is a powerful, multivariate predictive health model. It uses granular morbidity and mortality data from over 500 clinical research studies—including a continuously refreshed database of more than 300 million life-years of health data.

No data. No problem. Risk Engine fills in missing data on a life insurance application from its massive database. It goes beyond an underwriting risk score to compute a variety of predictions. Life insurance applications with as few as four personal data points (e.g. age, height, weight and gender) can produce over 60 health insights that more accurately classify risk and limit the need for paramedical exams and time-consuming, costly evidence gathering.

Why Risk Engine?

Your underwriting function can be a powerful brand differentiator and competitive advantage.

Enhance the advisor experience

Through underwriting speed and convenience.

Access new markets profitably

With confidence and clarity in your risk assessments.

Provide a quick, easy consumer buying experience

With exam-free underwriting.

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What makes Risk Engine unique

Award-winning innovation

dacadoo has won 25+ awards for its patented technology. One of Europe’s 11 most exciting digital health companies (Business Insider).

Granular mortality and morbidity predictions

A multivariate model is used based on over 500 clinical research studies including more than 300 million life-years of health data.

More than a score

Risk Engine provides a variety of predictions using imputed data derived from its massive and continuously updated model.

Continuously updated risk model

The growing number of global dacadoo Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) users provides a constant stream of data to further hone the model.

Optimizes evidence gathering resources

Apply the risk model to reflexive questions and conduct better informed cost-benefit analysis of using third-party data sources.

Pre-integrated with ALIP

Integrates seamlessly with ALIP automation to add even greater underwriting speed and utility. Also available standalone through a simple RESTful API.

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