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Engineering and R&D digitization

Products are changing. Can your engineers keep up?

Let’s speed up your R&D!


reduction in prototyping and testing time.


reduction in overall time-to-market.


reduction of R&D cost.


reduction in material cost.

Here's how we'll help

Engineering data services

We'll digitize your engineering and product data, integrate all your data sources, implement new data governance, and help managing insights.

Full value digital twin & thread

We'll help you build full value digital twins and then combine them with AI to deliver next-gen, algorithm-driven R&D, engineering, and PLM.

Accenture named the global leader in PLM services

From our magazine

Case studies

The fight against global warming goes digital

Swiss eco-tech Climeworks has an ambitious vision. To achieve it, they need to scale.

What we think

Automotive industry fast lane is software‐defined

Accenture identified four approaches to help OEMs transform software defined, service-driven mobility experiences to compete effectively.

How thread-first thinking maximizes value

Accenture details how to fully integrate digital thread approach from a digital twin focus and stay in front of the immense wave of product data.

Prioritizing an "Experience-First" connected products strategy

Accenture explains the key steps to building a viable connected products business for your company.

Meet our lead

Matthew Thomas

Managing Director – Industry X, Engineering and R&D Digitization, Global lead