Accenture health experience platform

End-to-end efficiency accelerates customer acquisition, boosts retention and promotes long-term growth prospects for health payer organizations.

Accenture health experience platform

In an era of growing complexity and demanding consumers, payers need to provide a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. Providing a holistic view of each customer, the Accenture Health Experience Platform is an integrated solution for streamlined sales, marketing and service. With three key modules, the Accenture Health Experience Platform emphasizes efficiency and customer engagement. Capabilities can be tailored to meet the needs of each organization, with payers choosing to implement one, two or all three modules.

Accelerate delivery and reduce implementation risk

The Accenture Health Experience Platform includes pre-configured features that help address chronic pain points, accelerate time to market and reduce delivery time.

Accenture customer solution

Supports smarter targeting and tighter integration between sales and marketing to improve lead conversion ratios and reduce sales cycles.

Accenture broker solution

Provides stronger engagement with brokers, improved broker satisfaction and reduced sales cycles.

Accenture service agent solution

Increases first-call resolution and reduces average handle times thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

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Drive value

The Accenture Health Experience Platform helps speed time to value by:

  • Accelerating project activities, such as scope definition, high-level analysis and detailed design.
  • Leveraging a common framework to promote highly efficient processes and consistency.
  • Emphasizing an end-to-end perspective that sharpens payers’ focus on measurable gains.

Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Growth potential: Drive improvements in market share.
  • Marketing gains: Reduce churn by leveraging advanced analytics.
  • Sales efficiency: Reduce sales operating costs and increase cycle speed through configure, price and quote capabilities.
  • Customer service: Reduce operating costs by optimizing contact handling and transformed operations.

Specific services

The Accenture Health Experience Platform facilitates communication through a growing number of channels: phone, email, communities, social media, web-based self-service and online chat. Omni-channel support extends across multiple segments.

Sharper insight and targeting

  • Capture of demographics and website behaviors
  • Seamless integration of Community with Sales and Marketing Clouds
  • Personalized, time-based emails

Stronger engagement with brokers

  • Better integration with payers
  • Greater transparency of data and improved communication
  • Pre-automated workflows and emails
  • Greater responsiveness and accuracy

Agent engagement and efficacy

  • Guided call scripts
  • Gamification
  • Better service experience
  • Improved first-call resolution

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Why Accenture

Accenture works with payers to implement efficient, end-to-end processes that can strengthen customer and broker relationships, increase rates of acquisition and retention, and promote long-term growth. Accelerated project delivery is possible due to a wide range of proprietary assets and tools, such as:

  • Accenture Payer Logical Operating Model & Business Process Repository
  • Accenture PMO Tool
  • Sales Metrics Repository and Tool
  • Sales Process Mapping and Analysis Tool

Leveraging experience from thousands of projects, Accenture is committed to helping payers reduce complexity, comply with regulations and pursue growth.

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