Intelligent Health Payer

The Intelligent Payer embeds advanced analytics and intelligence into health insurance business to sustainably achieve superior results in any market environment.

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The payer landscape is facing unprecedented change. Mega mergers, digital disruption, segment growth in government - all require capital to effectively react. However, returns from traditional business levers are plateauing.

How can a health insurer quickly generate value to navigate a strategic course to The NEW? By becoming an Intelligent Payer. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to impact capability, culture and change, the Intelligent Payer can retain and attract talent, redefine traditional work and source innovation – and can increase operating income by 10-15% in 18 months.

Intelligent Payer strategic journey

  1. Unlock capacity: Automate core functions across the system to realize early cost savings and redeploy efforts to high-value areas.
  2. Reimagine healthcare: Implement clinical innovation to elevate quality of care, deliver superior outcomes and spur new discoveries.
  3. Enable the future: Commercialize advanced digital solutions and launch new innovations.

Start forging your path forward today.

US health insurers can turn to artificial intelligence as a way to quickly generate new value in the near term with a targeted approach.

Healthcare transformation in a Human+Machine World

In healthcare, human-machine collaboration has the potential to improve cost, quality, and access. Sig Shirodkar talks to AHIP CEO Matt Eyles about the promise of machine learning for patients and what this new technology means for our industry. Listen to the recording, below.

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