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Intelligent Health Payer

The Intelligent Payer embeds advanced analytics and intelligence into health insurance business to sustainably achieve superior results in any market environment.


Leader in healthcare payer digital services


The intelligent payer: A survival guide

US health insurers can turn to artificial intelligence as a way to quickly generate new value in the near term with a targeted approach.

Healthcare transformation in a Human+Machine World

Oliver Grange


How CPG leadership can drive growth




What we think

Health experience: The difference between loyalty and leaving

Accenture outline four factors to help healthcare providers and payers deliver the health experiences that people expect today.

Accenture-AHA webinar recording

Meet healthcare leaders in the metaverse. Dive into four technology trends that are reshaping healthcare as we know it.

Superpower your workforce with AI for super value

Accenture’s analysis of US payers shows the potential to shift required tasks through automation, augmentation, adaptive work structures...

Meet our lead

Robert Murphy

Managing Director – Consulting, Health Payer Lead, North America