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Powering our purpose

"When we’re dedicated, when we believe in our mission, when we use our creativity to make things happen—we can achieve anything."

— WENDY CHAN, Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services and Co-Founder of One Journey

Elevating refugees’ stories and contributions

A personal passion to reshape the refugee narrative

Accenture employee Wendy Chan shares her personal passion to break the status quo and reshape the refugee narrative.

Impactful hiring and workforce development

Preparing military community for high-tech careers

Accenture employees share their stories about how they gained the skills needed to smoothly transition to the next chapter in their careers.

Pathways that empower the workforce of tomorrow

Cultivating skills to thrive in the digital future

Accenture employees share their commitment to equipping the next generation of talent with future-ready skills.

Using robots to develop tomorrow’s leaders

Infinite possibilities with innovation & teamwork

Accenture employees share their commitment to STEM to inspire today’s youth to positively change how the world works and lives in the future.

Fueling our passion to give back

A shared passion for helping the next generation

Accenture employees Bill Klavon, Crystal Goliday and Jasmine Rogers share what drives their passion to mentor and coach students.

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