Embark: Travel, Tech and Trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: How to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and innovate in the new era.


It’s a new dawn for the travel industry. Trust is at the forefront–from booking to return. Tune in to listen to industry leaders and their stories.

The connected journey begins: Boarding has started

Episode #3

Today’s new traveler expects a connected journey from start to finish. From real-time bag tracking to the 60 steps it takes to turn an aircraft, we’re talking with leaders from Melbourne airport and WestJet to explore the airport of the future, what it means for employees and operations, and what can be done to move faster.


Meet today’s new traveler

Episode #1

For travel companies, the next step starts here. In our first Embark episode, we’ll cover the state of the travel industry, from the new traveler and their heightened expectations, and why the race to cloud is crucial to survival.

Then, join us for a tour of how execs across the boardroom—including CMOs, CHROs, COOs and CCOs—are using cloud to adapt to change and reposition for the road ahead.


Meet the hosts

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