Paths to sustainable growth

Banking and capital markets

The pandemic has set the stage for a looming credit crisis. Capital markets has an opportunity to help economies and also re-invent itself.

Why banks need a strategy to balance clients’ critical needs and those of shareholders and society.

Our Forum article looks at how banks can creatively develop funding solutions for liquidity-strapped clients.

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Consumer industries

CPGs need to revisit consumer segments, their portfolios and their partners to strengthen growth.

Our Forum article shares the framework for collective action towards a better and more resilient future.

Adaptive Retail—for new expectations, new ways of working and new climates.

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Media, entertainment and sports

To better examine complex networks in the media industry, this Value Map represents the major roles involved in content creation and distribution.

Oil and gas

Accenture and the World Economic Forum are working together to navigate the path to recovery from COVID-19 and have formed the Oil and Gas Industry Action Group (IAG). The IAG is comprised of more than 30 CEOs across national oil companies, international oil companies, independents and oilfield services companies focused on monitoring the evolution of the crisis, identifying specific actions and sharing key findings through blogs, reports and the “Pulse of the Oil and Gas Industry” trends.

How can the oil and gas sector help to build back better?

Reinventing the oil and gas industry: compounded disruption

The oil and gas sector must reinvent itself. Here's one way

Pulse of the Industry Blog

Collaborate to Reinvent For Oil And Gas Report


Accenture supported the World Economic Forum’s Electricity Industry Action group in creation of the System Value framework, which more holistically evaluates economic, environmental, social and technical outcomes of potential energy solutions. The framework can be used to support a diverse range of activities including investment decisions, policy decisions, as well as public-private dialogues between business, regulators and policy makers on solutions to accelerate economic growth and a clean energy transition.

World Economic Forum – The path to maximize system value

Blog: How can we maximize the benefits of a system value approach?

Blog: Industrial clusters are critical to getting to net-zero. Here’s why

Blog: System value can power the energy transition in emerging markets

How China set the path for net carbon neutrality by 2060

System Value of the clean energy transition

Mining and metals

Chemical and advanced materials

Boosting the impact of stimulus packages

The chemical and materials industry is at the heart of many global value chains and acts as a solution provider to other sectors of the economy.

As such, it can play a significant part in maximizing the reach and impact of COVID-19 stimulus packages around the world.

We explore steps that chemical industry leaders can take to build back better and secure its role post-COVID.


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