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To keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of our clients and partners, we have published a series of thought leadership examining the next generation of platform growth. Scroll down to read our insights:

Understanding the SMB landscape

Learn more about the relationship between enterprises and SMBs, and the importance and opportunities of addressing that perceived gap.

Explore why enterprises must build trust with SMBs and the reward for those that get it right.

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Exploring the future of gaming

Learn what’s driving gaming’s massive growth, the changing demographics of the gaming universe, and the increasing importance of social interactions.

Why the shift online means the gaming industry needs to offer a great experience to all players.

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Revolutionizing platforms through low-code/no-code

The democratization of technology via Low-code/no-code platforms promise to put the immense power of AI and machine learning into employees’ hands so they can create new apps that meet specific business and customer needs. Low-code/no-code platform allows small companies to harness the technology power traditionally afforded to much larger organizations and allow large organizations to be faster and more nimble. These are both game changers. But these uniquely powerful tools require a structured approach that seeks to make sure their use is managed effectively – without stifling creativity and autonomy.


World! Can I have your attention please?

The current explosion of creativity, virality and engagement is taking things to a whole new level. There’s a new class of consumer-creator emerging. Combining creativity with virality, they are reaching global audiences in the millions.

But what happens when we emerge from COVID? How will the behavior shaped by 12 months or more of relative confinement and increased digital engagement change when the conditions that helped form them no longer apply?


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