In brief

In brief

  • Explore new research to learn which countries rank highest among the key factors in Government as a Platform readiness.
  • Learn the four models of Government as a Platform.
  • Watch a short video that shows what a more connected world—brought together by government—will look like.

Imagine government acting as an intermediary: facilitating collaboration, connecting people and providers and coordinating ground-breaking public service delivery models of the future. Government as a Platform is the foundation that allows government and non-governmental organizations to deliver next-generation public services.

Digital is already radically shifting how agencies deliver public services, especially as lines blur between government, business and civil society. Public service executives globally are placing bets on emerging technology as they shape services—70 percent plan to invest in artificial intelligence in the next year, and 67 percent plan to invest in IoT.1

Accenture looked at which factors play a crucial role for implementing Government as a Platform. We found that even for the countries that score highest on readiness (Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States), there is still room to improve across all dimensions of Government as a Platform: building the foundation, fostering a mindset of change and innovation, enabling economic growth and innovating for public service delivery

The Accenture Government as a Platform Readiness Index ranks France, Singapore and the UK highest when it comes to Innovating for public service delivery.

Imagine a connected world

Government as a Platform is more than any one methodology. It’s a holistic approach, in which the public sector collaborates with private sector partners, citizens and even robots to create better outcomes. A seamless interplay of advanced capabilities, ranging from analytics to artificial intelligence to virtual reality, makes it possible. The result? More efficient, impactful and secure public services. That’s the power of Government as a Platform.

Data currency

Data is the foundation of public-private collaboration around service delivery, economic and social development and innovation.

Connective tissue, “the glue”

Common services, technology architecture and governance create efficiencies that streamline user experiences for one-door service.

Network effect

Consumers and producers collaborate in a virtual marketplace, creating value for each other, which means better outcomes for citizens and society.

Scale multiplier

Agencies scale impact without investment as organizations tap others’ skills, ideas and distribution networks—no ownership required.

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Four models for Government as a Platform

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2018 survey, most public service executives (82 percent) globally agree that through technology, businesses are weaving themselves into the fabric of how people live today—and platforms are a strong thread.2 The most effective platforms are designed around specific goals, situational needs and current capabilities—and agencies have options. Here are four platform models with varying communication channels and ecosystems for delivering public services.

  • Whole-of-Government Platform: Focused on the role of government as the centralized service provider.
  • Peer Platform: A service-centric and vertically integrated platform established by two or more government entities.
  • Ecosystem Platform: An open and outcome-focused platform in which government collaborates or offers services jointly with non-governmental actors.
  • Crowdsourcing Platform: An innovation-focused approach in which governments collaborate with citizens, companies, other government organizations or NGOs.

Agencies have two choices as the Government as a Platform approach takes hold; they stand by and watch new players from other sectors take the lead, or they pursue bold steps to ensure future relevance and better services for citizens.

Imagining a Connected World

Accenture's video explains how we are imagining a connected world where all public services are provided seamlessly through collaboration. See more.

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1 Accenture Technology Vision 2018, public services data.

2 Ibid.

Bernard le Masson

Global Managing Director – Health and Public Service, Management Consulting

Carl Ward

Group Technology Officer – Health and Public Service


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