Driving digital in biopharma: Podcasts series

Join us as we talk with industry innovators about digital strategy, value and implementation to transform business and improve patient centricity.

Digital gains are changing biopharma forever. Tune in to hear industry leaders and their stories.

Digital at the pace of science

Episode #2

In this episode Accenture’s Tom Lehmann talks with Kailash Swarna, Ph.D, MBA, Novo Nordisk. They discuss Kailsah’s role in applying a digital transformation mindset to increase patient impact and improve the lives of people with diabetes and metabolic diseases.

The discussion candidly takes on strategy and stakeholders, the pace of technology and science, the dimensions of patient centricity, making value tangible, and future vision.

Driving digital: Which direction should you take?

Episode #1 - Digitalization in Biopharma R&D

In this episode we talk about an industry research study that Accenture conducted on the state of digitalization within Biopharma R&D and compare that to findings of our prior study in 2016. We focus on gathering a view of the progress the industry has made over the past few years and we look at this progress considering the influence and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the substantial investments from global tech giants in artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and other technologies to reshape traditional product development models and the delivery of patient care.

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