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The hidden cost of healthcare system complexity

September 6, 2018

Literacy is not a given


Of US healthcare consumers have no experience with healthcare systems


Of US healthcare consumers are novices

$5 billion is at stake

Consumers with low healthcare system literacy may struggle to make key decisions

Curing complexity?

Shift the burden off consumers.

Orchestrate service options and experiences across physical, digital and emerging channels to reach low literacy consumers on their terms.

Abandon spray-and-pray tactics.

Use data insight from advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver easy-to-follow programs and relevant products.

Look beyond the four walls.

Incentivize healthcare providers to help consumers understand and navigate their health insurance options and questions.

Integrate the use of lay navigators.

Engage community members who are trained to help people manage non-clinical challenges—financial, logistical, emotional, cultural and communications.

Jean-Pierre Stephan

Health, Provider Lead

Jean-Pierre is passionate about dramatically improving the way individuals experience health and healthcare.

Loren McCaghy


Loren focuses on assisting healthcare organizations execute their strategic product and consumer initiatives.

Michael Brombach


Michael specializes in growth strategy, enterprise transformation, operating model design and health consumerism.

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