In brief

In brief

  • Remarkable customer experiences are now about more than just your product.
  • Today’s customers prefer to interact with companies via digital channels and they expect a personal touch if they have a problem.
  • Accenture’s Next Generation Service Offering consists of six pillars for building your future service organization.
  • We address four key areas in the digital era that organizations are struggling to address.

What do customers care about more than the purchase of a product? The Experience.

Today’s customer has become much more comfortable and proficient with digital technologies. Most now prefer to interact with each other and with the companies they do businesses with via digital channels, and they expect the same level—if not greater—of personal touch when they have a problem.


Of consumers globally have quit doing business with a company as a result of a bad customer service or support experience.

Organizational challenges in the digital customer age

The explosive growth of customer interaction channels has exposed operational challenges and made relevance, automation and seamless engagement key to survival. Organizations are struggling to address these four key areas in the digital era.

Technology ecosystem

Organizations want to build their technology ecosystem with “best of breed” capabilities across multiple vendors.

Partner collaboration

Organizations want to “own” the customer experience and are frustrated with lack of visibility into outsourced partner systems.

Increased client demands

Companies want an efficient way to collect and maintain customer-specific information for differentiated treatment.

Balancing global with local

Organizations are still struggling with maintaining global standardization.

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Innovating service delivery to exceed customer expectations

Accenture’s Next Generation Service Offering consists of six pillars for building your future service organization.

Smart self-service recovery & outreach

Empower customers with a complete view of all their service activity for self-service support and automated monitoring for proactive assistance.

Personalized experience for customer & rep

Aggregate data to create a holistic view of the customer and match representatives with customers to drive personalization.

Digitally enabled agent assist

Developing a unified experience for issue resolution, augmenting agents with AI digital assist and advanced remote troubleshooting capabilities.

Value-driven customer service

Generate additional value for customers by empowering representatives to identify opportunities, help with sales, and close sales.

Field service optimization

Enable contact centers to address ad-hoc repairs in the field that are time sensitive to customers and crucial to customer satisfaction.

AI-Powered workforce managements

Leverage data and machine learning to optimize resource scheduling and ensure the availability of needed skillsets.

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Building the service organization of the future today

By delivering remarkable customer service, companies can reduce customer complaints, increase their share of customer’ wallets and loyalty, build advocacy for their offerings and brand, and create a price premium—while reducing the operational costs of their service organization. As organizations pivot to become more digitally relevant, Accenture’s Next Gen Service Offering provides a framework for our clients to build the service organization of the future today.

Casey Solis

Managing Director – Accenture CMT

Mick Maley

Management Consultant – Accenture CMT


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