Rapid and seamless migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services) has helped Del Monte lay the foundation for a new era of growth

With over 100 years of history, and annual sales of nearly $1.7 billion, Del Monte is recognized as one of the top-two players in the highly competitive US fruit, vegetable, tomato and broth packaged foods categories. Recently, however, category growth has slowed. In response, the company developed a new business growth strategy. To achieve its goals, the company knew it needed to continuously drive operational efficiencies. Doing so would enable Del Monte to not only keep pace with evolving consumer expectations, but also help support and fund its growth initiatives.

Cloud transformation

Del Monte decided to transform their IT infrastructure—including their core SAP ERP—and migrate to public cloud. Cloud migration presented clear opportunities to both improve performance and realize significant cost savings—from consolidating a fragmented IT environment and better managing their hundreds of different apps, including complex SAP workloads, servers and systems, to speeding up new solutions and upgrades. The company also needed much better visibility into IT spending.

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#Accenture helped Del Monte with its cloud transformation journey to improve supply chain efficiencies.

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After selecting AWS as their preferred public cloud, Del Monte turned to Accenture for help with the transformation to realize the business benefits of cloud faster and rapidly improve supply chain efficiencies. With more than 40 years of collaboration with SAP and our expertise in cloud solutions supporting enterprise’s SAP Journey to Cloud, Accenture’s offering simplified and accelerated the movement of Del Monte’s SAP applications to the cloud.

The need for speed

Rapid implementation was critical to this work with Del Monte. Packaged foods companies operate within very tight time frames; getting the right balance between harvesting and canning takes a great deal of detailed planning. After all, you can’t ask fresh food to wait while you take your time transforming the supporting technology.

With the important canning season approaching, Del Monte asked us if we could accelerate the migration. Using automated software and industrialized migration tools through the Accenture Cloud Factory, we got the plan down to four months. In fact, we ended up executing the migration in just three and a half months—no mean feat considering the 200 servers in scope, including 50 complex workloads associated with Del Monte’s SAP ERP. Crucially, too, the migration was so smooth that Del Monte’s business users didn’t notice the change, and IT support had minimal issues to deal with during the transition.

Business impact

So, what’s been the impact for Del Monte’s business? First, they’ve realized big savings. By moving away from physical servers and only paying for the infrastructure and computing technology they actually need, when they need it, the company no longer has to make the significant capital investments they once did. Instead, they’ve been able to refocus these investments on product innovation.

Performance has also been vastly improved. Downtime has been all but eliminated. Automated right-sizing means they can scale operations up and down as needed. And the time to provision new computing technology/infrastructure has dropped from weeks or months to a matter of minutes. All this means that Del Monte can set up new solutions for their customers with unprecedented speed.

A key point to bear in mind: this migration was far more than a “lift and shift” operation. That’s not where the full value of migrating to cloud is to be found. It really comes through exploiting innovation from new AI and IoT technologies that cloud enables, providing automation and agility to scale and gain business insights at speed, on an ongoing basis. It’s the best way to take full advantage of running complex workloads like SAP on AWS.

Using the Accenture Cloud Platform, we looked to automate as much as possible across the whole scope of the transformation, encompassing planning, through configuration and build, to the change phase and—most importantly—the run phase. That brought cost savings and speed for Del Monte, and also enabled business continuity; security and disaster recovery; new insights into performance and spending through analytics; and the opportunity to explore the latest native cloud capabilities.

Del Monte’s journey to AWS is a fantastic example of how enterprise cloud transformation can both elevate IT performance and also lay a solid foundation for innovation to support business value and growth.

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Romain Groleau

Lead – Cloud Growth, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

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