Accenture at AWS re:Invent 2021

It was yet another great year for AWS re:Invent: about 28K people attended in person in Las Vegas, and another 50K+ attended online.

During the event, Accenture and AWS announced the renewal of our joint business group. Building on a 13-year relationship, Accenture and AWS will make an additional joint investment over the next five years to help clients spur innovation on the Cloud Continuum and accelerate business value at scale by designing and implementing solutions together.

AWS and Accenture deliver powerful tools and capabilities for cloud-powered innovation. Our partnership cultivates continuous innovation at unmatched speed and scale. With Accenture and AWS, faster gets you further.

As evidence of the importance of our work, we were honored to receive so many AWS Partner of the Year awards at re:Invent 2021—in the United States, UK-Ireland, Italy and South Africa. We also received Partner of the Year for Public Sector in UK-Ireland.

Las Vegas, NV

theCUBE interview series

Accenture is excited to team up with AWS to showcase theCUBE interview series at AWS re:Invent Executive Summit 2021.

Hear from our clients and leaders as they discuss top, innovative, future-forward cloud strategies and solutions with the latest news and technologies from our Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) – in a hybrid, live and digital experience.

Key conversations include Accenture’s cloud story with Accenture’s Merim Becirovic and Chris Wegmann, The Automation Advantage, what it is and how to get it for your business with Bhaskar Ghosh and RP (Rajendra Prasad), Hafod shares the Art of the Possible, how they are making a difference in the UK and the world. Generali Vitality rewards you for taking steps towards your health and well-being and Takeda takes you on the plasma journey of the future, just to name a few of the hot topics for theCUBE interview series at AWS re:Invent 2021.

Chris Wegmann & Merim Becirovic

Accenture's Cloud continuum story

Merim Becirovic and Chris Wegmann

The automation advantage

Bhaskar Ghosh and Rajendra Prasad - RP

The Cloud continuum

Karthik Narain and Chris Wegmann

Cloud Talent vision

Denise Reese and Gina Fratarcangeli

Meet the clients

Accenture and AWS on-demand speaking sessions

Monday November 29 @ 11:30am

Redefining Corporate Citizenship

This session explores the importance of leadership in creating and measuring the impact of a vision for a more equitable and inclusive world.

Monday November 29 @ 2:30pm

How inclusive cultures drive business value

Businesses are increasingly looking for a durable competitive edge. Diversity, and cultivating an inclusive culture, are enabling that edge.

Monday November 29 @ 4:45pm

Creative app development for everyone

With citizen development, people can innovate as never before, meet social needs in innovative ways, and advance their own learning.

Tuesday November 30 @ 12:30pm

A better state of health in North Carolina

In response to the pandemic, North Carolina and Accenture worked to set up a new business-centered platform using AWS services to serve citizens.

Tuesday November 30 @ 1:15pm

Jumping in to an AWS-Native Data Lake

The AWS-native data lake accelerator enables enterprise-scale customers to quickly design and build data transformations.

Tuesday November 30 @ 2:30pm

Insights from Accenture’s “living in the cloud”

Hear how Accenture is looking ahead after a successful cloud first journey, saving money and gaining better agility and innovation.

Tuesday November 30 @ 4:15pm

Guardian’s digital transformation

To help meet aggressive business goals, Guardian Life implemented the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP).

Wednesday December 1 @ 1:45pm

Build cloud talent with public-private cooperation

AWS and the state of Georgia are creating a new model for long-term pipelines for cloud-skilled talent to drive industry growth and innovation.

Wednesday December 1 @ 2:00pm

Inclusive design is for everyone

Companies like AWS and Accenture are designing architectures that provide a foundation for inclusive products.

Wednesday December 1 @ 7:00pm

Modernizing BI and reporting with QuickSight

Learn how customers have modernized their advanced analytics, self-service and reporting needs by migrating to Amazon QuickSight.

Thursday December 2 @ 3:15pm

Inclusion & diversity: Driving change from the top

Leaders are doubling down on efforts to build work environments where employees feel represented, respected, valued and empowered.

Unleash competitiveness with the cloud continuum

Reimagining your future in extraordinary circumstances

A new report from Accenture has identified a select, high-performing group of organizations whose vision for cloud moves well beyond cost savings alone. They treat cloud as a way to continuously reinvent their businesses using innovative, multi-cloud capabilities—across public, private and edge—to realize greater business value.

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Ever-ready for every opportunity


Our cloud leaders offer their takes on what’s happening now, and where the industry is headed in the long term.

What does the Cloud Continuum have to do with a happy marriage?

Companies on the Cloud Continuum have capabilities that span from public to edge—and everything in between—creating a foundation for innovation and growth.

Take cloud transformation further, faster? Embrace the Cloud Continuum

Companies realize more value if they design cloud-native architectures and applications to leverage a seamless continuum of capabilities

Accomplish the complex quickly with AWS and Accenture

Shawn Guenther explains how our unique Accenture solution helps companies modernize not just the technology but the way they engage customers.

A cloud transformation at guardian life

Guardian Life needed to more quickly release new products and update existing ones. The Accenture Life Insurance Platform was just what they needed.

Back to the Future, Cloud Edition: A Preview of AWS re:Invent 2021

AABG’s Chris Wegmann looks through his crystal ball at AWS re:Invent 2021. What will he see?

How the cloud can help companies be first, over and over again

Being #1 in your market is sometimes a matter of getting to the puck first. Find out what we mean.

Accenture announces extended relationship with AWS and Joint Investments to help organizations get to Cloud Value faster

Accenture and AWS will make an additional joint investment over the next five years to help clients spur innovation and accelerate business value at scale.

Video interviews with Accenture and AWS

The need for rapid migration and the value of accelerators

The need for rapid migration–a business imperative

Aligning Business and IT when Migrating to the Cloud

Aligning business & IT when migrating to the cloud

Migrate and optimize on AWS-with confidence. Now

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