Ray Sanchez
Senior Manager, Accenture Federal Services, San Antonio
May 22, 2019

An IT Career Innovating for Clients—With Boot-Camp Spirit

It took a tour of duty in the U.S. Marine Corps—serving in the 1991 Persian Gulf War—to give Ray Sanchez the drive and determination to accept support from the GI Bill and pursue a college degree in computer programming.

“My wife and I were starting out. We were young, and while I was going to college, I needed to support my wife and child. So, the GI Bill helped us out along with some grants due to my war veteran status,” Ray says.

“I worked full-time while going to school full-time, so I came close to quitting a few times,” he says. “But my Marine Corps training made me stick to the mission, and my wife was very supportive.”

Getting the job done
Ray’s persistence paid off. Today, he enjoys an exciting tech career at Accenture’s San Antonio office, helping government clients navigate Oracle technology solutions. He credits his success to the Marine Corps culture.

“The discipline, the integrity, the ability to get the job done,” Ray says, “those are what help build character.”

A Marine culture built on the three prongs of improvise, adapt and overcome is especially useful in leading Accenture tech teams as they seek innovative solutions to complex and fast-changing issues. “You always encounter the unexpected,” says the military veteran.

Ray likens Accenture’s team spirit to the lessons he learned as a young Marine.

“On the first day of boot camp, it’s just chaos—people from different ways of life, different upbringings, different cultures. Everybody can’t march to the same tune. But in just 13 weeks, those same 80 guys came together as one finely tuned mechanism,” Ray says.

Likewise, he notes, diverse Accenture teams work together to get the job done.

Support for veterans
Accenture helps military veterans transition to corporate life, offering such programs as “boot-camp” training in technology and mentoring from Accenture pros like Ray.

Ray counsels younger vets to keep an open mind as they transition to corporate work.

“Don't forget that there's still a job to be done,” he says. “And with your military discipline and experience, you can do it.”

More broadly, Ray offers this wise career advice to young people today: “Don't hesitate. Make a decision and move forward. You'll figure it out.”

Join a company recognized as Military Times’ Best for Vets: Employers, our seventh consecutive year on the list. Find your fit with the Accenture team.

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