As a global tax industry manager for Accenture Consulting, Deborah uses her deep expertise in tax operations to help tax authorities optimize their processes, improve citizen experience, and find new operational efficiencies.

Seven years of experience in the industry have given Deborah broad exposure to many different tax collection and administration processes. She combines this technical knowledge with an array of complementary skills to help her clients unlock new levels of performance. These skills include business analysis and process re-engineering as well as using design thinking to reinvent revenue agency functions. She is a seasoned project manager and team leader with an extensive track record of seamless integration with client resources.

Deborah currently serves on Accenture’s global Revenue Industry team, which works exclusively with tax agencies. She has led major transformation projects at revenue agencies across the globe. She has also worked with many different organizations across the public sector in the United Kingdom.

Deborah holds a degree in Biological Science from the University of Oxford.

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