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Angie | Future Skills Builder

As part of the global Accenture Technology team, Angie Malltezi collaborated with education experts, our nonprofit partner Junior Achievement and Accenture's Global Extended Reality and Learning communities to design a virtual reality (VR) experience game for 13- and 14-year old students in Dublin schools.

With the goal of encouraging teenagers to study STEM and acquire valuable digital skills, Accenture Future Skills Builder uses VR in an immersive learning game helping them develop critical thinking, problem solving and technical skills in a fun and interactive way.

Anish | BecaXR

Better Careers Through Extended Reality (BecaXR) is an immersive augmented reality/virtual reality (VR) mobile phone application that targets young job seekers in Vietnam who have limited knowledge about the requirements of jobs in their local market.

Accenture Digital Consultant Anish Patel worked with nonprofit partner Save the Children to develop the application, which allows young people to envision new careers, using 360-degree video to immerse themselves in typical workplaces, and helps them practice key communication skills and build public speaking confidence through life-like VR simulations.

Now these young people don’t just know more about their job prospects, they’ve actually been there.


Glory | E-Healthworker

Glory Dela Paz, a Manila-based Accenture Technology Team Lead in the Philippines, was talking to her sister, a doctor, when she learned about a disturbing situation in their area: Community health workers combatting malnourishment among local children were using a manual process that can delay critical treatment. She was compelled to find a solution.

Glory led a team of colleagues to create an Android-enabled application, E-Healthworker. The app allows health workers to instantaneously evaluate a child's nutritional status by inputting body measurements. Now, they can administer a treatment plan on that same day.

Jaroslav | Circular Supply Chain

Accenture Technology Senior Manager Jaroslav Saxa helped create a blockchain-based circular supply-chain solution designed to improve the sustainability, efficiency and financial fairness of global supply chains.

Thanks to blockchain’s transparency and traceability as well as real-time payment technologies, consumers can connect directly to producers and are able to reward sustainable practices with a financial contribution.

By building a closer connection between consumers and small growers, the solution has encouraged an inclusive and ethical economy where socially and eco-conscious consumers know more about where their products originate.

Lucía | XR4 Hospitality

Accenture Digital Analyst Lucía Andrada Cámara was part of a team that created XR4 Hospitality, a way for aspiring hospitality workers in Madrid to succeed in an increasingly complex work environment.

In collaboration with a variety of social organizations, companies and public organizations the immersive virtual reality training tool was created. It enhances standard vocational training by simulating situations hospitality workers can face, setting them up to successfully meet challenges once they are on the job.

Nisha | Grameen Foundation

In partnership with the Grameen Foundation India, Accenture Technology Principal Nisha Ramachandra was a key member of the team that developed innovations to help women and low-income citizens overcome barriers to accessing financial services.

The EASE (Emotion Analytics for Social Enterprises) mobile app and Grameen Guru tool help equip women with information they need to make informed financial decisions and give them greater control over their lives. Now, many are empowered to start small businesses, invest in their local communities and better cope with crises.

Rob | Virtual homecare

The number of older people physically and socially isolated at home is rising rapidly around the globe. Because they often do not have family members living nearby to help, the situation has created a new population of vulnerable people.

Artificial intelligence can help older people improve their physical and mental well-being. London-based Accenture Application Development Team Member Rob O'Connor helped design our virtual homecare program, which uses voice and vision technology to improve senior citizens' connection to their community and families.


Yvena | Inclusive Future of Work

Accenture Strategy Manager Yvena Atkins wanted to help transition mid-career workers who are in less-complex roles that are changing because of automation.

Using human-centered design, Yvena, who is part of a team leading a pilot program in St. Louis, United States, helped develop an action-oriented, research-driven initiative, called Inclusive Future of Work, to support these workers as they embrace new career pathways.

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