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Improving taxpayer experience: Revenue’s voicebot

Meeting customer needs for an on-demand service with conversational AI technology


Game-changing conversations

Understanding taxpayer needs

Improving Taxpayer Experience | Revenue’s Voicebot


Of taxpayers want to interact with their tax authority when and how they choose.


Of taxpayers use phone calls as their primary source of contact with their tax agency.


Of taxpayers know what artificial intelligence is.

Strategy and solution

Talking the customer’s language

"Despite what people think, having something answering the phone is not that common—most of the AI work is with chatbots where people type in something. We're taking actual calls."– JOHN BARRON, CIO – The Office of the Revenue Commissioners, ROI

Conversational AI

The voicebot was built on Accenture’s technology-agnostic Conversational AI platform, an accelerator for rapidly building virtual agents.

Seamless integration

Integrated into Revenue’s telephony stack and backend transactional system, the voicebot enables instant availability and updates of customer cases.


Improving taxpayer experience

The results


Of calls are being handled from start to finish by the virtual agent.


Of first-time applicants engaged with the voicebot when submitting their application.


First virtual agent being used by a Revenue agency anywhere in the world.

Meet the team

Dan Sheils

Managing Director – Public Service, EMEA Lead

David Conway

Associate Director – Health & Public Service, Ireland

Laetitia Cailleteau

Lead – Data & AI, EMEA
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