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Case Study

AI-driven Virtual Agent Network for entrepreneurs

Starting up Smoothly is a network of readily available, AI-powered virtual assistants to help foreigners set up businesses in Finland.


Collaboration in action

Kamu (Immigration)

Helps with immigration and citizenship issues.

PatRek (Patent and Registration Office)

Supports questions related to setting up a business in Finland.

VeroBot (Tax)

Answers tax-related queries.

The human experience

"This is a great example of government, technology companies and startups working together to create solutions to improve lives of our citizens."

— Milja Kiviranta, Development Specialist, Finnish Tax Administration

The win-win

The lessons we’ve learned: Have a vision. Be brave. Be ambitious. Have a limited but challenging scope. Start – don’t just plan. Experiment. Learn. Scale up.

— VESA HAGSTRÖM, Chief Digital Officer, Finnish Immigration Service

Meet the team

Gaurav Diwan

Managing Director – Consulting, Health & Human Services, North America

Valerie Armbrust

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Technology and Cloud

Konstantin Vdovenko

Managing Director – Consulting, Health & Public Service, Finland

Eyal Darmon

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service
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