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Pride At Accenture

Learn about our programs, training and networks to support our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally community.


Accenture is proud to be a corporate leader in supporting the LGBT community.

Ensuring an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees across the globe is a key and integral part of Accenture's Global Inclusion & Diversity strategy. We are committed to raising awareness and educating all Accenture people about our LGBT community, while simultaneously supporting our LGBT employees and providing a workplace of equality.

At Accenture, we adhere to a strict non-discrimination policy and provide a clear, open line of communication between employees and management. Recognizing that individual countries may have unique laws affecting the LGBT community, we pay particular attention to ensuring that our global policies and practices have their intended effect in all the geographies in which we operate.

Accenture is proud to be a corporate leader in supporting the LGBT community. We were one of the first to add sexual orientation and gender identity and expression information to its nondiscrimination policy.

Additionally, in 2010, we became one of only nine companies in the United States to implement Transgender Transition Guidelines that comply with World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards, and we signed on as a sponsor of the all-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Today, we provide employee benefits to same-sex couples in many of the countries in which we operate, and we continue to work to extend these benefits to all our employees.

On a global basis, we:

  • Include sexual orientation and gender identity and expression language in our non-discrimination policy

  • Provide same-sex domestic partners with accompanied cross-border assignment benefits and a global medical plan for long-term assignments and some transfers

  • Support our local LGBT Network teams





“Are LGBTQ rights going backwards?” Watch the replay of the panel discussion including our own Sander van’t Noordende at the #WEF17 now or download the write-up.

We hosted a global “Pride Across Borders” webcast in June 2016 to celebrate Pride month with colleagues around the world.

We hosted a global “Pride Across Borders” webcast in June 2016 to celebrate Pride month with colleagues around the world. Watch the replay now.

Click here to download the full article. Engaging the Majority to Create an LGBT Inclusive Workplace. This opens a new window.

In partnership with Stonewall, our UK team recently published this helpful point of view. Download “Engaging the majority to create an LGBT inclusive workplace.”

Being out there: Beyond borders - A panel discussion from the World Economic Forum 2016
Being out there: Beyond borders—A panel discussion from the World Economic Forum 2016. Watch the replay or download the write-up to learn perspectives on being more "out there" as a leader personally and the next frontier of LGBT workforce issues.
Watch Digital is Breaking Barriers Andrew Wilson at Pride and Prejudice on Youtube. This opens a new window.

Andrew Wilson, CIO and Global LGBT Network Sponsor, talks about digital breaking barriers at The Economist Pride & Prejudice Conference in March 2016. View more of our videos.

Raise your voice

Raise your voice. Read this perspective from Nellie Borrero, managing director—Global Inclusion & Diversity on the role of allies in promoting inclusion and diversity. Read more perspectives from Sander van’ t Noordende. 


Accenture is proud to be a corporate leader in supporting our LGBT employees and the broader LGBT community.

On a global basis, we focus on:

  • Training, to build awareness and understanding of the LGBT community.

  • Policies, to ensure the equal treatment of employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, where permitted by law.

  • Recruitment, promotion and retention policies and guidelines which make us one of the most inclusive, progressive companies in the world for LGBT people.

  • Benefits, strive to provide identical employee benefits to same-sex and opposite-sex partners in all the countries in which we operate and where permitted by law. In addition, in the United States and Canada, we offer comprehensive health benefits for North America-based transgender employees including coverage for hormone therapy, mental health counseling and transgender-specific surgeries.

  • Professional development, to facilitate career growth and encourage networking and mentoring among our LGBT employees.

"Accenture is an inclusive and welcoming environment that actively encourages self-expression and bringing individuality into a professional working environment. I am delighted to formalize my support for the LGBT community at Accenture as Global LGBT Sponsor."

Chief Information Officer, Global LGBT Network Sponsor, Miami

Our LGBT Network

Our LGBT network
Our local offices drive initiatives and programs to support our LGBT community and allies and help them build strong networks, both within Accenture and with the broader community. This group is called the LGBT Network.

Learn more about Employee Resource Groups.

Accenture's global LGBT Network brings our LGBT community and allies together for networking, mentoring and information sharing, providing a vibrant force to our culture of high performance. Working closely with our Inclusion & Diversity teams, the Network has been instrumental in helping to craft inclusive recruitment and retention policies and adopt guidelines that make Accenture one of the most inclusive and progressive companies in the world for LGBT people. For example, in some countries, the Network helped create policies offering domestic-partner benefits and shaped recruiting efforts for LGBT employees.

Accenture is distinguished by programs such as fertility services/IVF coverage and expansion of the supplier diversity mentoring program to include LGBT-owned businesses. Work is also underway to enhance the health benefits for employees who identify themselves as transgender, including gender reassignment procedures. In addition, we have established policies and guidelines to assist transgender employees with their transition in the workplace.

The network in action
The LGBT Network was originally established to help Accenture leadership understand LGBT-related inclusion and diversity topics, address them openly in the workplace and encourage all employees to confront issues that may challenge our policies of inclusion and diversity.

Today, our LGBT Network groups are active at the local level across many of the geographies in which Accenture operates. They work to help raise awareness of—and prevent—sexual orientation or gender identity and expression discrimination at Accenture, as well as identify how our policies may affect same-sex couples around the world. They organize programs and events, such as attendance at pride events, mentoring, client networking events, community sponsorships, webcasts, recruiting activities and much more. They also are responsible for liaising with other local LGBT organizations and groups contributing to Accenture's role in the wider professional work arena. The Network's activities consistently support the goal of building confident individuals and creating a visibly supportive environment for LGBT employees. Accenture launched its LGBT Ally Program where employees outside of the LGBT community act as catalysts for inclusion and raise awareness for LGBT equality. The LGBT Network is open to all employees. In the last year alone, thousands of Accenture employees signed up as Allies and joined the Network, taking equal responsibility for helping make our working environment inclusive of LGBT employees. The Network's essential contribution to Accenture helps ensure sure that:

  • Our recruiting professionals accurately reflect our open and proactive acceptance of LGBT applicants and maximize external relationships to recruit a diverse workforce

  • Our training supports what our LGBT employees need to succeed in their careers and feel comfortable in the workplace

  • Through a variety of channels, corporate communications create global awareness of leadership support for LGBT, foster a sense of community among members and educate within and beyond the Network by building awareness of LGBT issues

  • Local Accenture offices continue to develop, maintain and grow the LGBT Network to further reinforce a workplace culture that is inclusive of the LGBT community

"I am very happy that in the Netherlands, Accenture acknowledges that, although we come from a very liberal country where LGBT is 'not an issue' anymore, we still need an LGBT network. With it, we can give guidance to LGBT people who don't feel comfortable and help those in other geographies achieve the same opportunities we have here."


"My involvement in the LGBT Networking Group is a big reason for staying with Accenture. Being part of the group has helped me to further develop my leadership skills and has made a huge difference in my personal and professional life."

Read more about Joanne



Our Approach

Attracting, developing and retaining the best LGBT talent
Accenture attracts, retains and advances LGBT employees as part of our diverse population. Our active LGBT Network employees together with our recruiting teams work to ensure that we have an inclusive recruitment process. We also participate in diversity recruiting events, such as LGBT-specific job fairs in various locations. For example, since its launch in 2010, we have participated in the MILK Diversity Congress and Career Fair, Germany's leading diversity congress and first career fair focusing on LGBT. Since 2007, we have been a sponsor of Canada's Out on Bay Street, which provides a forum for LGBT students at all stages of their academic careers to learn about career opportunities available to them in the professional and financial services sectors in that country.

Additionally, we have promoted Accenture to LGBT students in London at the CASS Business School, giving them insight on what it is like to be "out" at work. At Accenture, LGBT employees can grow professionally in an environment where top performance is recognized and drives both satisfaction and success.

We invite our high-potential LGBT executives to attend professional development training sessions. Launched in 2013, the training, which is based on Stonewall's successful Leadership Development Program, aims to develop the ability of participants to operate as visible LGBT role models who have a positive impact on inclusion and diversity at Accenture.

Supporting LGBT supplier diversity

In 2002, Accenture formalized the Supplier Diversity Program in the United States to develop and expand relationships with diverse businesses, creating opportunities for these enterprises to grow their businesses while strengthening our supply chain. Reinforcing our commitment to the LGBT community, we provide support and mentoring to LGBT-owned businesses that participate in the program. We also routinely assess our key suppliers to ensure they support and promote LGBT equality in their own companies. Today, we are replicating the success of the US Supplier Diversity Program across other geographies, inviting LGBT-owned businesses to participate in procurement opportunities and providing them with mentoring and access to business knowledge and skills through our LGBT Network.

"I'm very happy to be in a company where our individuality is recognized and our strong sense of being proud of our gender identity is acknowledged."

Manager, Accenture Technology


Recognized as a leader
Our commitment to inclusion and diversity and to the LGBT community has been recognized by a variety of organizations, including:

  • In the United Kingdom, Accenture is recognized as a Star Performer for the third successive year in the 2017 Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index. The Workplace Equality Index (WEI) assesses the achievements and progress of employers towards LGBT equality in the workplace. Additionally, Accenture has worked with Stonewall UK to produce a Star Performer Guide entitled ‘Engaging the majority to create an LGBT inclusive workplace.’


  • Accenture is recognized as the number one "Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality 2016" in Ireland, as well as "Employer of the Year" on The Workplace Equality Index Awards. The award is given by the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) in Ireland. It celebrates and benchmarks high performing employers who clearly demonstrate that their organizations are inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans employees.

  • Accenture is recognized globally in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers 2016 and as one of its "Star performers." The Star Performers have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to creating inclusive workplaces by ranking in the top ten of the Stonewall Top 100 Employers list at least three times in the last five years.

  • Accenture received 100 out of 100, a perfect score, on the 2016 Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for the tenth year in a row. The CEI is intended to help corporate diversity leaders stay at the forefront of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workplace equality.

  • Accenture is recognized as a “Silver Status Employer” on the 2015 Australian Workplace Equality Index. This award, given by Pride in Diversity, recognizes organizations that have undertaken a significant amount of work in the area of LGBTI inclusion and are currently very active in this space.

  • We were one of the first ten companies in the United States to implement Transgender Transition Guidelines that comply with World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards, and we signed on as a sponsor of the all-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

"Accenture India is taking steps toward commitment to diversity in the LGBT area and has taken the lead among Indian employers. My participation in the San Antonio LGBT network was the start of my personal experience, which helps me contribute toward establishing the network in India. I am grateful for being involved."



Our journey forward

Inclusiveness will always be at the core of everything we do at Accenture. As rights for LGBT people and same-sex couples expand globally, our ability as a global company to be proactive and address gaps will continue to set us apart in the workplace. Guided by our visionary leadership, we continue to seek opportunities to extend our policies of inclusion and diversity. We measure and monitor the level of satisfaction of our LGBT employees where permitted and constantly ensure that the right programs are in place to support a workplace of equality. It is through our diverse and deeply skilled talent pool that Accenture's quest for high performance—and the ability to help our clients achieve high performance—is possible.

For additional information or to contact the Accenture LGBT Network:

"Being part of the LGBT group in the Philippines Delivery Center has fuelled my drive to be the best person and leader that I can be. It is through this organization that I realized that sexual orientation is never a hindrance to prospering and succeeding."