Federal supply chain & operations

We help federal agencies embed intelligence into traditional supply chains and operations to improve performance, lower costs and drive innovation.


We bring together the power of Accenture’s global experience, innovative methods and technology leadership to help federal agencies improve readiness and execute the mission with confidence.

Integrated planning & fulfillment

Our data-driven analytical approach helps agencies predict demand, improve availability and visibility, and decrease operational and inventory costs.

Intelligent sourcing & procurement

We help agencies navigate complex federal acquisition regulations to reduce costs, maximize performance, minimize risk and maintain compliance.

Federal process excellence

Achieve continuous process improvement with best practices for operational excellence, industrial engineering, Lean Six Sigma and service design.

Financial & enterprise performance

Integrated offerings to help federal CFOs and other finance leaders improve strategic planning, reduce costs, optimize cashflow and manage risk.

Applied intelligence for operations

Our process models and assets use machine learning and RPA to deliver automation, forecasting, and workflow efficiencies to improve performance.

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How we work

We work collaboratively to empower more agile, intelligent and resilient operations. We combine industry-leading expertise, innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies to help federal agencies optimize their end-to-end supply chain.

Industry expertise

Accenture has deep expertise managing global supply chains in dozens of industries, including many of the U.S. federal government’s most critical.

Innovative approaches

Accenture’s Innovation architecture, combined with our design thinking approach, takes federal agencies from ideation to impact faster.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our technology ecosystem spans nearly two hundred companies, including industry-leading partnerships with SAP, Oracle and others.

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Our leaders