Revenue agencies

Improving taxpayer experience through agility.

Responding to new taxpayer demands

Revenue agencies around the world face challenges at a macro and micro level. On the one hand, profit shifting and tax base erosion as a result of globalization and digitization present clear fiscal challenges, with an estimated $200 billion globally in revenue losses. Compliance and fraud continue to drive the need for new data-driven and predictive approaches. A rising wave of data is both a challenge to manage and an opportunity to significantly improve the outcomes agencies can achieve.

And at the other end of the spectrum, taxpayers want greater personalization and digital interactions, delivering more holistic and convenient services built around taxpayer needs.

To respond to these diverse and often transformational drivers, agencies are engaging with a rising level and pace of organizational change, along with a growing need for new skills and competencies – particularly with regards to the adoption of technology.

Facing today’s digital realities

For revenue agencies, customer expectations continue to shift. With a rising number of “gig economy” taxpayers, an expectation of commercial brand style service levels and a growing list of new, digital contact channels, revenue agencies must embrace agility to meet demands.

By rising to the challenge, not only will revenue agencies improve customer experience, they will also reduce errors and increase compliance.

Revenue agency of the future

Taxpayers want more personalized services.

The digital economy is thriving

Digital economy rising | Revenue agencies respond

Digital earners struggle with tax compliance.

Service design

Service design | A tale of two tax agencies

Service design can increase compliance levels.

The taxpayer engagement imperative

Today’s dynamic world continues to put increasing pressure on revenue agencies. Frequent budget reductions and resulting staffing issues have made doing more with less the new “norm.” The rapid pace of technology innovation, tidal wave of customer data, expanding partner ecosystems and continuously evolving security threats all compound revenue agency pressures.

Concurrently, customer expectations continue to rise, calling for service levels that are comparable to commercial brands. Customers want more personalized services and new channels such as chatbots and virtual assistants that are powered by a variety of artificial intelligence technologies.

Paying taxes will never be seen as an experience on equal-footing with most other experiences in people’s lives. But, agencies can proactively transform customer engagement and experience to reduce stress, anxiety and confusion and deliver a greater sense of satisfaction than today.

Agencies must make two important steps to transform customer engagement into a strategic asset: redefine its vision and evolve capabilities.

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