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Digital government for the future

With growing expectations, good enough for government is no longer good enough for citizens. Two-thirds of users want digital services to be easier.

What digital public services are lacking today


of individuals still apply or renew driver’s licenses in person.


of customers still pay taxes via paper.


of customers want easier government interaction.

Meet the Accenture Reach platform

Accenture Reach platform

The Accenture Reach Platform

Redefining digital connectivity

The Reach platform helps redefine the digital government user experience. The cloud-enabled platform removes the complexities of bridging services together and simplifies connectivity, making the customer’s journey seamless.

The Accenture Reach platform at work

Bringing services together

Reach removes tech barriers and creates an interconnected ecosystem that brings government services to citizens seamlessly.

Enabling services quickly

With a flexible solution on pre-configured architecture, Reach can be tailored to meet unique requirements quickly.

Engaging customers

Reach is intuitive and keeps customers online, out of offices and able to access information and services from any device, any time.

How we work

Human-centered design

Our design process focuses on users. When we understand the user’s needs, we restate the problem to create the right solution.

Dual-track development

Our iterative design, development and testing processes deliver quick value as design teams stay ahead to ensure decisions are design-led.

Public service is our passion

Reach codifies our public sector and human services experience in a repeatable model that addresses key customer pain points.

What we think

Reimagine a journey to better outcomes

Accenture explores possibilities for making human services programs and systems more coordinated for better family support and outcomes.

Our leaders

Kristin Smith

Senior Manager – Technology, Health & Public Service, Product Management

Chad Smith

Senior Manager – Sales Enablement Lead, Program Management

Erik Moore

Managing Director – Technology, Cloud, Products and Platforms