Reimagining transactions and compliance

Changes in taxation and the social safety net pose opportunities for agencies to make collections and disbursement easier and more effective.

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Customer experience

Achieving “compliance by design”

Simple. Personal. Digital. The new experience.

Government compliance is at a tipping point. The wave of pandemic-related social programs has triggered an increase in noncompliance and strained the public purse. At the same time, the acceleration of digital is creating new ways for social services and tax agencies to engage with citizens and businesses. While most people want to comply, it’s hard to when processes and systems are complex and are not designed for modern life.

Making compliance work for people

Designing simple, personal and digital compliance experiences is an opportunity for people to comply—maximizing revenue and providing vital services. It’s an opportunity for government to build trust and innovate now for the future.

Experiences for people

The more “human” they are, the more they can change behaviors. The simpler they are, the more compliant citizens and businesses will be.

Clear communications

Human error usually causes noncompliance. Communication can help people understand benefits, obligations, tax distribution and guidelines.

Connecting into the ecosystem

Agencies can connect and share data with banks, software companies and other agencies to simplify processes and improve the compliance.

Digital infrastructure

Building a strong infrastructure means creating a cross-government digital identity, national payments and e-invoicing standards.

Action against non-compliance

Agencies experience a surge in fraud. Workflow, technology, and analytics can fight fraudsters defending the vulnerable and provide benefits.

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