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Accenture Citizen Self-Service Portal

Bringing citizen and agency value

Reduced costs

Automated processes, cross-agency use, citizen input and self-service all contribute to reduced costs for the agency.

Easy access to integrated services

Offers 24/7 access to benefits and applications for a variety of social programs.

Enhanced communication

The electronic message center allows 24/7 communication between case workers and citizens.

Real-time results and status

Real-time eligibility results and status updates, including anonymous benefits eligibility screening.

Quicker and easier benefit management

Simple-to-use online tools allow citizens to check eligibility, apply for benefits, report changes and quickly access or renew benefits.

Seamless integration

Easy integration with Accenture Benefits Management System or your existing eligibility determination system.

Improve citizen experience and maintain compliance

No-touch processing

Real-time eligibility determination without caseworker intervention, improving efficiencies.

Built-in federal compliance

Out-of-the-box functionality to meet ACA requirements, including pre-built MAGI rules and enabled real-time eligibility determination.

Support for multiple programs and agencies

A scalable and adaptable solution, ACSSP can serve multiple agencies and easily expands to accommodate additional programs.

 Integrated eligibility

Address priorities with tailored solutions

Create deeper citizen engagement

Public Service

Connecting citizens to services in real-time

The Accenture Self-Service Portal meets citizens where they are, whether at home or on the go, and helps government agencies increase the efficiency and effectiveness of caseworkers.

Our leaders

Kristin Smith

Senior Manager – Technology, Health & Public Service, Product Management

Erik Moore

Managing Director – Technology, Cloud, Products and Platforms

Heidi Reed

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Integrated Eligibility