Accenture and Nomis: Real-time bank pricing

A partnership designed to change banking as we know it with in-the-moment pricing and offers.

"You are only an inch away—a swipe away—from your nearest competitor."

— FRANK ROHDE, CEO – Nomis Solutions

Accenture and Nomis capabilities

Accenture and Nomis combine core pricing solutions and transformation services to help banks present their customers with the right offer in the moment.

Core pricing solutions

Deep analytics and scalable pricing technology enable banks to make the right offer to the customer at the right time.

Systems integration

We bring innovative solutions together to empower the real-time customer journey.

Change management

There are no “one size fits all” solutions, so we help banks with customized, holistic transformation strategies.

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Why Nomis?

More than 10,000 bankers worldwide leverage Nomis’ cutting-edge Silicon Valley approach to big data, advanced modeling and deep analytics to understand and anticipate the demands of their customers, competitor actions and dynamic market conditions.

Accenture’s alliance partnership with Nomis helps our clients achieve a new level of pricing capability that will create real competitive advantage in an ever more data-driven economy.


Nomis. Intelligent Pricing for Better Banks

Getting it right. Every time.

Today’s customers expect their bank to know them and to reflect that knowledge in personalized offers and pricing at the right time. Moment-centric pricing is becoming table stakes in the digital economy.

Banks that pick Nomis and Accenture tap into innovation-powered change that delivers hyper-relevant offers every time and across a customer’s banking relationship—from savings and deposits to loans. We are the preferred systems integrator for Nomis’ best-in-class, customer-centric pricing solutions.

Make Your Banking Customer Your Customer for Life

Accenture's video shows how we and Nomis help banks mature their capabilities to achieve sustained profitable growth with pricing and offers. See more.

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