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Retail consumers seek a different grocery experience

August 11, 2021


In brief

So much has changed in grocery retail

Grocery shoppers embrace both old and new habits

More than 50% of grocery consumers say they’re planning to use both stores and online shopping in the future.

Four ways grocers can turn up the dial on retail experience

01 Convenience


of consumers say pop-up mobile notifications on product offers in store could entice them to shop with a retailer.


say interactive store technology could make them choose one retailer over another.


say they’d like to share online shopping lists with family and friends so they can all add items to the weekly shop.

Where should convenience leaders focus?

Carefully plan store networks, simplify online and offline shopping, and use AI and data analytics to personalize shopping experiences.

02 Inspiration

Where should inspiration leaders focus?

Educate consumers on cooking methods and new products, work with small specialist brands, and introduce experiences to take products beyond the shelf.

03 Community


of in-store shoppers now want to know that their grocery store supports and contributes to the local community.


of consumers say they’d participate in a grocer’s loyalty scheme if there was a greater focus on local products and offerings.

Where should community leaders focus?

Expand stores to become hubs for the community, give store managers autonomy to source local products, include local consumers in decision making.

04 Responsibility & sustainability

Where should responsible leaders focus?

Offer sustainable ranges and product refills, shift stores to green energy sources, find creative ways for consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Time for grocers to serve up something different

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