In brief

In brief

  • In Garching Industry X Innovation Center, we help clients design and prototype digital solutions to improve engineering, manufacturing, production.
  • Based on Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), a digitalization platform that provides 4.9G/LTE, 5G private networking and edge computing.
  • Deployment combines cloud, edge computing and 5G to enable industry transformation use cases.
  • Provides campus-wide capability to create real-life Industry 4.0 test-bed.
  • First phase of joint Accenture and Nokia go-to-market for industry solutions.

The time is now

Research organizations and a few large companies around the world are already testing applications on their own private LTE/5G-ready campus networks. Recently, Accenture teamed up with Nokia as part of The Nokia Accenture Business Group to be among the first professional services companies with its own private LTE/5G-ready network as a testbed, experience center and playground for clients. Clients from all industries are invited to test their equipment and applications at Accenture’s live demonstration site.

Located in Garching, Germany, the Garching Industry X Innovation Center is set up as an industrial "shop floor" where clients can design, prototype and test digital solutions for their businesses and customers. Clients can see how their solutions run in a live, end-to-end setting and test how they react when using solutions from different providers, such as different cloud providers. Across 1,400 square meters of industrial shop floor space, clients can experiment with dozens of industry-relevant use cases.

The new LTE/5G-ready testbed is run on a standalone private campus network using dedicated spectrum licensed from the German Federal Network Agency. It is completely independent from public networks. The network is based on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC), a leading 5G-ready private campus network technology.

For companies, the new technology will make it possible to overcome the hurdles which have prevented IIoT projects from being implemented at scale. In the past, these hurdles have kept applications from delivering the promised cost reductions, higher productivity and new revenue streams. Hurdles include insufficient integration between the shop floor and the “top floor,” no single database, and no single source of the truth about the associated process, such as production or inventory. The new technology will make all of these things easier and enable more flexible, efficient, reliable and secure connectivity of devices on the shop floor.

LTE/ 5G-ready private campus networks

LTE/ 5G-ready private campus networks represent an evolution in mobile network technology, not just through their reduced latency. One key part is that all equipment involved in an implementation can be under the physical control of the client and can be configured exactly to the client’s needs.

Network performance

Higher bandwidth and lower latency compared to Wi-Fi. Relevant for: Augmented/Virtual Reality, video based systems control


For IoT devices and seamless handovers of highly mobile devices. Relevant for: driverless vehicles in ports, warehouses, and on factory floors


SIM-based authentication, strong air interface ciphering, IPSec. Relevant for: video surveillance, transfer of sensitive data in hospitals


High ranges in outdoor and indoor environments due to lower frequency spectrum. Relevant for: industrial campuses, airport aprons, cities

Enables critical communications

Communication (voice and data) also possible when public network is down. Relevant for: all mission/business-critical communications

Seamless with public networks

Same features when handed over to/from a public network. Relevant for: public venues, e.g. stadiums and convention centers

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With private 5G wireless networks, companies can run critical applications on their industrial sites and in their field area networks, connecting a large number of devices with secure, ultra-reliable, low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity.

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