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5G private network – Innovation Center Garching

September 21, 2020


In brief

The time is now

LTE/ 5G-ready private campus networks

Network performance

Higher bandwidth and lower latency compared to Wi-Fi. Relevant for: Augmented/Virtual Reality, video based systems control


For IoT devices and seamless handovers of highly mobile devices. Relevant for: driverless vehicles in ports, warehouses, and on factory floors


SIM-based authentication, strong air interface ciphering, IPSec. Relevant for: video surveillance, transfer of sensitive data in hospitals


High ranges in outdoor and indoor environments due to lower frequency spectrum. Relevant for: industrial campuses, airport aprons, cities

Enables critical communications

Communication (voice and data) also possible when public network is down. Relevant for: all mission/business-critical communications

Seamless with public networks

Same features when handed over to/from a public network. Relevant for: public venues, e.g. stadiums and convention centers

With private 5G wireless networks, companies can run critical applications on their industrial sites and in their field area networks, connecting a large number of devices with secure, ultra-reliable, low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity.

Meet the team

Claus Friedl

Associate Director – Industry X, Autonomous Robotic Systems, EMEA

Jürg Matweber

Managing Director – H​​​​igh-Tech Industry, ASG
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