Design-led ideation and innovation

Keeping up with the pace of change in today’s digital world is a team sport, which is why collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. There are no wrong answers, no small ideas.

Just meaningful collaboration, exploration and experimentation to drive results in an open environment, ideal for realizing the potential in every idea.

Our Industry X Garching team of experts and specialists from within a global Industry X Innovation Network, combined with a diverse group of ecosystem partners: thought leaders, academicians, researchers and entrepreneurs - all leaders in their area, help our clients progress from imagination to innovation to solutioning.

Join us in a cool, creative, industrial space to unlock new value and growth for your business.

IX Innovation Center Garching

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Our journey in numbers


Client visits since the launch of the center.


Innovation workshops and design thinking sessions conducted at the center.


Square meters of real industrial shop floor space with dozens of industry-relevant use cases.

What to expect


Experience the latest Industry X technologies and methods made real – whether the goal is enterprise digitization or transforming your value chain.


Collaborate with our experts, specialists and ecosystem partners in a cool, creative industrial space.


Test and develop prototypes, pilot solutions and deliver on the promise of disruptive solutions—at scale.

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Garching is one of Europe’s largest shop-floor showcase where visitors can experience and compare more than 80 innovative and market-ready Industry X use cases that span the entire product value chain.

Industrial consumerism

Make B2C convenience a B2B reality.

Closed-loop engineering

Digitize the technical value chain – from engineering to production.

Closed-loop manufacturing

Continually improve integrated hardware and software development.

Additive manufacturing

Reinvent conventional engineering and explore AM possibilities.

Connected asset management

Manage assets proactively with real-time transparency.

Connected industrial workforce

Transform worker productivity with digital technologies.

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Digital supply chain

Achieve true transparency across the supply chain.

Artificial intelligence

Use data, machine learning and more to make your business more adaptive, collaborative and proactive.

Industrial analytics

Harness data insight for breakthrough business outcomes.

Cyber security

Protect your data, secure your intellectual property and support business continuity by managing security risk.

Accenture liquid studio

Turn ideas into real experiences in just a few days with our experts in the Liquid Studio.

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Our leaders

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Leverage the best minds in industry, technology and business all under one roof to achieve new levels of efficiency through smart, connected technologies.

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