It is possible for brands to transform their approach to this brave new world of digital marketplaces.

Taking back control starts with accepting two fundamentals. First, brands cannot assume that consumers know their stories from other places. Second, while the PDP has become the front door to the brand, it cannot carry this burden as it exists today.

This creates an imperative—and an opportunity—to evolve from product detail pages (PDP) to product experience pages (PXP) that bring brand messages into the commerce experience. There are already signs of this shift. For example, to offer a different kind of marketplace experience, Walmart is looking to inject more lifestyle imagery into its PDPs.

There are many ways that brands can work within marketplaces’ requirements to breathe life into PDPs. By conceptualizing around the platforms and adapting their current brand commercials or social content, companies can embed more brand content to create emotional connections. They can also make mobile experiences more engaging by offering shop-the-look examples from a simple turn of the wrist. Or they can create a seamless brand story across purchase, engagement and delivery. The good news is that the technology exists now to make all this real—and to do it at scale and speed. These breakthrough tools include experience dashboards and digital twin technology.

Marketplace experience dashboards

Marketplace experience dashboards bring together and instantly visualize a brand’s content and experience footprint across thousands of marketplaces to empower brand managers to make better decisions faster. Dashboards offer insight into available assets and consumer demand to identify opportunities based on competitors, sales, ratings and reviews. Relevant insights can be briefed back to creative teams to refine content, improve product positioning and storytelling.

Digital twin technology

Digital twin technology is an effective way to scale-up production capabilities and create high-quality content. Digital twin technology creates a virtual image of the product. Brand teams can alter and modify these images in countless ways to put them on any platform fast. Not only is this a boon for localization, but it also allows brands to optimize performance on demand, testing and tweaking colors, backgrounds, packages and overall presentation and acting on feedback.

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Roald van Wyk

Lead – Brand Experience for Commerce, Accenture Interactive​, Global

Jeriad Zoghby

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Omnichannel Commerce Global Lead


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