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How 5G can transform the movie-going experience 

March 16, 2020


In brief

With 5G-enabled experiences, you could be in the movie!

Demand across media companies being re-shaped

2019 the second-worst year for US movie ticket sales

So, what changed?


of respondents said they turn to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu most often to watch newly-released video content.

The power of 5G, enabling new technology

Ultra-high-resolution scan and capture technology

Allows anyone’s likeness to be accurately rendered into digital video content.

Immersive experiences

Continue to evolve thanks to smooth extended reality (XR) or even hologram experiences that eliminate motion sickness when viewing.

Real-time rendering and interactive AI

Can help create characters to extend the film narrative and draw in additional audiences seeking a connection between their world and digital content.

The cinematic experience of the future, fueled by 5G


of customers said they would be excited about a connected, end-to-end extended reality experience.


of them would be willing to pay for it.

What does the future hold?

Creating movie magic

Jefferson Wang

Senior Managing Director – Global Technology Convergence Lead

Jefferson helps clients shape, build and run modern networks. He is the lead author of the best-selling book “The Future Home in the 5G Era”.

Jennifer McLaughlin

Managing Director – Accenture Communications, Media, Technology and Innovation

Jennifer helps Communications and Media businesses face the reality of digital transformation at speed.

Jeff Bauer

Group Director of Client Innovation

Jeff inspires clients to reach their transformation goals through a human-led, design approach.

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Helping media businesses design, pilot and scale new products and offerings faster.

Communications and Media

Helping communications and media companies to innovate and compete at scale with digital pure plays.

5G Acceleration

5G will fundamentally transform mobile tech and what it means for us all.

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