Helping our clients outmaneuver uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented uncertainty. We continue to work with our clients to meet the challenges the world is facing now.

People power: Telia support team brings it home

RESPOND: To evaluate public adherence to ‘stay at home’ advice amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Nordic mobile company, Telia, and Accenture leveraged an existing service they created to analyze travel trends. Telia Crowd Insights service captures movement data from people’s cell phones across the network. All input is anonymized and aggregated into crowd data, so privacy of individuals is protected.


Accenture keeps 1.2 million NHS workers connected

RESPOND: At the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, thousands of people were being admitted to hospitals for urgent medical care every day, putting significant demands on operational service delivery within the National Health Service (NHS). Under intense pressure, the NHS needed to continue to deliver excellent service while protecting its workers.

Members of staff - including primary, secondary and social care workers, pharmacists and dentists - needed to stay connected when working from remote locations. So NHS Digital and Accenture, supported by key engineering resources from Avanade, joined forces with Microsoft and NHSX to integrate its secure email service, NHSmail, with Microsoft Teams, and equip staff with enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities.

Within seven days the joint team built and tested the Microsoft Teams integration, including the implementation of a full support model, and the platform was rolled out to all 1.2million NHSmail users across 16,000 NHS organizations. They are now able to securely send instant messages, complete audio and video calls and host virtual meetings across England.

The platform is already playing a vital role in keeping care teams connected. Accenture is now developing guidance and providing onboarding support.

Designed, supplied, delivered by Rolls-Royce

RESPOND: With the UK facing a shortage of life-saving ventilators, numerous businesses formed the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium to help meet the unprecedented demand. Offering assistance, Accenture and Avanade are working with Rolls-Royce to design, manage and operate the supply chain, orchestrating the purchase and shipment of all 3.4million parts from more than 100 suppliers to three manufacturing locations for assembly. A ventilator was built in 47 days through the new supply chain team.

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