Helping our clients outmaneuver uncertainty

COVID-19 has created unprecedented uncertainty. We continue to work with our clients to meet their challenges. Explore our COVID-19 client case studies.

The ultimate myBuddy system

As Covid-19 raced across the world, lockdowns, remote-working and isolation followed​. Organisations needed to rapidly check on and respond to their employees, deploying support to hundreds of thousands of people. People lacked equipment to work, felt unsafe, missed connecting with colleagues and were dependent on accessing relief or vaccines. See how the Australian automation tool, myBuddy, is building human connections around the world in a time of crisis.​


Coming together in a crisis

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Seemingly overnight, businesses and schools were closing, cities were locking down and personal protective equipment and necessities were in short supply. No one knew what the next day would bring or how this global crisis would impact all of us—physically, emotionally, or financially. Here is our story of what Accenture did to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on our people, clients, partners, shareholders, and communities, how we navigated its challenges, and how we are planning to return to work together, greater than ever.


Revolutionizing a hybrid campus experience​

To support a safe reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeastern University built a hybrid, flexible (hyflex) learning model, known as “NUflex,” which has left a positive, lasting mark on the student experience and the future of learning. This model was supported by the university’s new Student Hub – a highly personalized and experience-driven platform that gives students an array of digital academic and social tools to stay engaged with their studies, peers and broader university community.​

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The Texas Workforce Commission handled a surge in new unemployment insurance claims by leveraging an AI-powered virtual assistant.​

NASA deploys a modern unified application for COVID contact tracing, enabling thousands of employees and contractors to return to work safely.

Accenture Finance’s liquidity management response to COVID-19 harnessed the power of data, technology and expertise to power decision making.

The Tennessee Department of Human Services needed call center assistance to deal with massive COVID-19 call volumes.​

Equipping Australia with a Coronavirus dedicated mental wellbeing support service.​

Migrating a global automaker’s Argentina subsidiary into an elastic digital workplace.

Digitizing contact tracing to flatten the COVID-19 curve.​

How a powerful virtual AI agent helps the citizens of India prepare for the COVID-19 crisis.

A national oil company worked with Accenture to roll out Microsoft Teams and enable 20,000 people to work from home in just two weeks.

To evaluate adherence to ‘stay at home’ advice, Telia and Accenture used an existing service to analyze travel trends.

Accenture worked with Rolls-Royce, as part of a consortium, to coordinate production of ventilators for the NHS.

NHS needed to deliver service while working remotely – in 7 days, the platform was rolled out to 1.2 million users.

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