Traditional commercial banks are looking to grow their lending business, tapping into positive economic agendas in some markets.

Destination: Better everything—the challenge is getting there

Leaders in this market aim for better everything: client- and employee-centric operations for overall better experiences; iterative software development approaches for speed and agility; and innovative IT technologies (like predictive analytics, APIs and cloud) for an optimal commercial lending process.

Banks’ success, however, depends on how well—and how quickly—they can rotate to a future-ready operating model that elevates their operations maturity and helps them stay ahead of dynamic market drivers that test their market dominance. For most commercial banks, it means fundamentally changing the way they think about their operating model transformation.

A fast, iterative path

Commercial banks need an executable strategy that directs the bank in erecting its new operating model and re-platforming its loan origination system technologies. Increasingly, successful organizations are creating strategies that tackle transitioning to a new operating model in an iterative, modular manner. They are organizing their approach around the employee experience and the client and taking an iterative software development approach to do IT design and build right and quickly.

Build on innovation

The flexibility of innovative technology is a core piece to quickly enable IT design. By combining revolutionary technologies, banks can modularize platform delivery and bring on line what they need to optimize the process and people components of a particular “bundle.” Chief among these technologies are predictive analytics, APIs, cloud, payments, robotic process automation, back-office digitization and blockchain.

Seventy-nine percent of bank operations leaders say their organization’s existence could be threatened if they don’t update technology to be more flexible and capable of supporting rapid innovation.

Jared Rorrer

Managing Director – Global Commercial Banking Lead​


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