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Case Study

A faster cloud migration

Moving systems on a highly expedited timeline.

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

With a detailed reskilling and change management program in place, employees were able to quickly transition to new roles.

A valuable difference

From an enterprise perspective, the key benefits of the end-to-end transformation are wide-ranging:


Cloud-native security components and automated refreshes allow Accenture to manage cyber activities in days versus months.


Data recovery and time to recover improved by 50% immediately by using cloud infrastructure, allowing for same-day business continuity of systems.


The cloud environment allows for rapid response to incidents and 5x faster recovery, given the integrated use of cloud automation.


People had continuous training and skills development with this project, allowing them to take on new roles where they can have a bigger impact.


The cloud-based system can be provisioned to business requirements. Using the cloud cut our on-site footprint and extended hardware refresh timelines.

"A move to the cloud is inevitable for most enterprises, but a successful implementation isn’t a given, migration isn’t just a technology issue."

— Chris Bjornson, Accenture Federal Services’ CIO during the migration
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