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Case Study

Boosting enrollment with moments that matter

University of Cincinnati saw an opportunity to maintain students’ excitement for acceptance by creating moments that matter.

Call for change

By streamlining interactions from day one, it could broaden and enrich the student experience and help reduce melt—the phenomenon of college-bound students deciding not to attend during the period between admissions and the first day of class.

When tech meets human ingenuity

High-value engagements allow UC to continuously remind students why they wanted to be part of the UC Bearcat family in the first place.

A valuable difference


Meeting students where they are will provide a supportive environment.


An effortless, clear process will allow students to enjoy the moments that matter to them, helping to motivate them to show up on the first day of classes.


A streamlined digital experience will match current digital behaviors and expectations.


UC will build a connection and sense of affirmation with students and their families.

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