Hall H. Wang

Senior Strategy Consultant

New York

"I am a ‘professional therapist’ for businesses to help them find solutions to their challenges and change their situation for the better."

How I put change in motion

As a Senior Strategy Consultant, I am a “professional therapist” for businesses to help them find solutions to their challenges and change their situation for the better. Consulting is also a team sport, and I love the thrill of influencing my teams to synchronize on plays we want to make to get great work across the finish line.

I recently worked on an insurance project with two new joiners with no prior consulting experience. I made sure I spent time mentoring them every day, offering guidance for applicable best practices. That was the first time I realized I had transitioned from being the new guy to the mentor, and I had fun building upon improvements every day. We produced terrific work for the client, but most importantly to me, I was able to help set my colleagues up for success in their consulting career.

I am a big believer in collective team candor. At every synchronization meeting, I set the tone for my teammates to show all their cards. I want to know what they are struggling with, how they think the work could be better and when they need personal time. With that transparency, my team is better able to manage any curveballs that the client may throw at us, empowering us to really shape their future business models.

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A day in my life

Here’s a look at what my daily agenda might entail:

  • Take a leisurely stroll to the new 1MW office (I am fortunate enough to live 4 blocks away).
  • Check my calendar to plan my day and week, moving things as needed around to achieve my goals.
  • Attend a series of morning synchronization meetings with my teams.
  • “Heads-down time,” where I crank out some PowerPoints, Excels and emails.
  • Make networking or recruiting support calls, as co-lead of my alumni program at Accenture.
  • Take breaks to check in with Accenture friends.
  • Attend feedback sessions from my managers to gain guidance on my work.
  • Work on support activities, such as mentorship, social event planning or thought leadership.

My Accenture leaders have been supportive in sponsoring the things that are important to me, such as launching undergraduate recruiting at Wake Forest (my undergraduate institution) and starting an analyst mentoring program in my practice. On an everyday basis, I interact with and feel free to be myself around so many open and interesting people at Accenture.

At our new One Manhattan West (1MW) office, the views are great and I love the seltzer water fountain. Of course, the people are the best part. Every now and then when I need a break, I go and admire the 360-degree city view. I am inspired by the history of the city with so many amazing stories of people making possibilities happen, despite the setbacks along the way. I get a feeling that the people of 1MW carry that spirit of grit and determination to move things forward and get things done.

Outside of work, I’m all about going on nearby outdoor adventures with friends. From weekend trips to the Catskills to ski trips in Vermont, I have looped many of my Accenture friends into my social circle to explore with me.

“I interact with and feel free to be myself around so many open and interesting people at Accenture.”

My advice

More than anything, consulting is a people business. Being able to connect with people at all levels and with a variety of personalities is essential. Storytelling is another essential skill. Much of consulting is being able to effectively communicate a powerful argument in a very short amount of time. It’s also critical to be able to adapt and learn on the fly.

Interested in a consulting career? The people at Accenture are very open and honest about our work experiences. Connect with someone here and ask them for advice and feedback.

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