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“I am personally very committed to hiring military men and women and their spouses. In North America we’ve made the commitment to hire 5,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years, and I have already seen firsthand the leadership, discipline and teamwork that military experience instills in our recruits—character traits reflected in our best people around the globe.”

Julie Sweet
Chief Executive Officer – North America


Our training programs championing our veterans

Leadership, discipline, organization and teamwork are some of the areas in which military experience directly applies to our work. Accenture is committed to supporting your transition from military to civilian work. We provide skills translation, mentoring and training programs to ensure your successful career with us.

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Our Veterans

Explore Consulting Careers

Explore consulting careers through the Accenture Career Discovery experience.
Leadership. Discipline. Management. Partnership.
Those are just some of the skills that you have honed during your military service and what makes Accenture consulting careers distinctive. If you are a Junior Military Officer or a Student Veteran interested in consulting, the Accenture Career Discovery experience is a powerful new way to learn about your unique traits.

We’ve partnered with pymetrics to offer you the Accenture Career Discovery, a series of neuroscience games that identify your unique traits, provide a personalized profile, and recommend if consulting careers are right for you. If so, you can then apply directly to consulting careers that fit your distinctive strengths and leverage your military experience.

Download the iOS app or visit to play neuroscience games. Get your unique traits and see if available consulting roles are a fit for you.

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