Vicki Nguyen
Career Architecture Manager, Okinawa, Japan
May 10, 2019

I’m Growing my Career as my Husband Serves Our Country

Vicki with husband and their dog

In 2016, my husband and I received a phone call that would literally change our lives.

My husband, who had recently joined the U.S. military, was being stationed in Okinawa, Japan, for three years. It was the adventure of a lifetime, but it also created plenty of fears and challenges—both personal and professional.

Thanks to the support I received from Accenture, I was able to put my career fears to rest. I was able to support my husband as he served our country and continue building a successful career.

Journey across the globe
Within three months, we said good-bye to our family and friends, packed up our life in Chicago and moved to Japan. Leading up to the move date, my husband was away at officer training during this transition time, and I was traveling for my current work project.

I had just enough time to wrap up my project—but not much time to plan the next step in my career.

I took some time off to get settled in—and then we received another piece of amazing, life-changing news. I was pregnant with our first child! A new location on the other side of the globe, and now a new baby? This added a whole new dimension to career decision-making.

I was well into my career with Accenture and was committed to continuing my career path here, so I began to search for transition opportunities.

There are challenges to living on a small island. We faced language barriers, immigration concerns, and I had to take my new status as a soon-to-be mom into consideration. I talked with other military spouses in similar situations who said they experienced the same challenges, with most unable to continue their careers while stationed abroad.

I was at a low point. I was ready to make the professional sacrifice often made by military dependents. I thought my career with Accenture might end.

One global network in action
While I was preparing to put my career on hold, I connected with the Accenture Military and Military Spouse Employee Resource Group (ERG).

I found the support I needed. I felt like a had a direct line of communication with leadership, other military spouses and advocates. I truly felt Accenture’s “one global network” in action.

Vicki with family

I received an outpouring of support from fellow military spouses and leaders across Accenture, who all began brainstorming and helping me navigate the next steps in my career. Working with the ERG and our HR group, I found a new position outside of consulting, in a new global corporate role where I could continue to grow my skills and continue my career journey with Accenture.

Support for military veterans and spouses
Accenture recognized my husband’s service and sacrifice for his country.

I’m proud of my company’s commitment to supporting, recruiting and retaining military veterans and spouses.

I’m not sure of the next steps on our journey. But thanks to the wide breadth of opportunities at Accenture, I’m able to maintain and build a successful career, regardless of where the future takes us.

Accenture is committed to hiring 5,000 U.S. military veterans and military spouses by 2020. See the many opportunities available to grow your career with Accenture.

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