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Envisioning new career pathways


What an Inclusive Future of Work might look like


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Intelligent technologies bring opportunities for growth

By 2022, AI alone could boost revenues and employment.





Is the workforce ready?

Intelligent technologies—including Analytics, Big Data, Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics—are reshaping the future of work, automating routine tasks, while augmenting activities that involve social/emotional or high-order cognitive skills.

Workers in entry-level or mid-career jobs where a high proportion of time is spent on routine, automatable activities will experience the biggest change.


Workers in less complex roles are 7x more likely to spend a significant portion of time on automatable activities vs. workers in more complex jobs.

Create a future that works for everyone

We developed a framework of four solution spaces to help workers:

  • Envision new career pathways
  • Expand access to relevant learning inside and outside of work
  • Experience new roles and build work history
  • Empower themselves and each other to pursue lifelong learning through mutual support, mentorship and peer-to-peer learning
Creating a future that works for everyone

Today's workforce can be tomorrow's

We are actively engaging an ecosystem of partners to design, develop, and pilot solutions to address the issues raised in this report—starting with a first wave of projects underway in the United States and the United Kingdom. These pilots will serve as laboratories to test and improve our new skilling framework with the aim of helping workers in less complex roles navigate the transition ahead.

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