What It Is

Companies that master competitive agility execute with equal strength across growth, profitability, and sustainability and trust.

Why It Matters

Companies must manage the core to maximize investment for the new and fundamentally re-align resources for growth.

Where It's Going

Competitive agility is demanded from the outside and driven from the inside. Leaders who act with speed and confidence turn disruption into opportunity.

Realigning resources for growth

Achieving fundamental realignment of resources with a zero-based mindset –ZBx– to focus on agility over austerity, visibility over guesswork, and the future over the past to fuel growth and competitiveness.

Traditional cost reduction is running out of gas

The book, The Big Zero, shows how to imbue an organization with a Zero-based Mindset to achieve startup speed at enterprise scale.

Beyond the ZBB buzz

Beyond P&L, companies with a Zero-based Mindset harness their entire organization to gain competitive advantage.

Transform at speed: Run business at a smart sprint

Successful companies know how to keep the core strong while investing for growth and innovation.

Optimizing business & operating models

Disruptive strategies require execution in perpetual motion, optimizing business and operating models through ecosystems and technology.

AI: Built to scale

A landmark study of C-suite leaders around the world outlines the three critical success factors for scaling AI.

Ready. Set. Scale. A practical primer to scaling AI

Key considerations for scaling AI and mastering the success factors that can take AI projects from POC to production.

Utilities: Lead the charge in eMobility

Discover the five success factors that are critical to CFOs’ success in taking on analytics initiatives.

Building trust & purpose

Breaking with traditional shareholder views of value and leading by engendering trust and purpose with employees, customers and society.

UNGC – CEO Study on Sustainability

CEOs recognize the business community could—and should—be making more contributions to achieving sustainable global goals.

From me to we: The rise of the purpose-led brand

Customers buy from brands they believe in–47 percent walk away from brands that don't. 17 percent of those won't ever come back.

The bottom line on trust

Accenture is working with H&M to help retailers attract future customers who demand greater transparency and clothes with a conscience.

Leading with the whole brain

The courage to see the need for change within the C-suite itself to build whole-brain leadership skills and approaches.

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