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Macro Foresight


How we work

Executive leadership and board briefings

Provide regular updates to senior executives on the evolving macroeconomic and financial landscape, helping them to stay on top of potential implications to their company and industry and adapt swiftly.

Growth & market entry

Complement go-to-market strategies with assessment of macroeconomic trends in specific regions and/or industries to support long-term sustainable growth.

Capital project impact assessments

Quantify the value of major capital projects to support investment rationale and analyze the broad economic, social and environmental benefits to inform key stakeholders.

Scenario planning

Devise plausible future outcomes to help firms model and test their possible responses and actions.

Company economic exposure diagnostics

Identify how prevailing macroeconomic headwinds and tailwinds are influencing a company’s top- and bottom-line performance, and provide action-oriented solutions to capture opportunities or mitigate risks.

Investment strategy/private equity

Develop investment strategies and market assessments for PE funds and corporates, with pre-deal market/sector studies helping to identify attractive investment options.

Enterprise transformation

Identify appropriate corporate finance levers to address client enterprise value challenges and increase portfolio value, e.g., Total Enterprise Reinvention.

In the spotlight: Inflection ahead

Monthly briefs


Explore April macro brief

Data suggests major economies have not been significantly derailed by recent financial stress and remain on slow growth path.


Explore March macro brief

Concerns about financial stress and instability cast a cloud over the global economy in March following the failures of several banks.



Explore February macro brief

Global economic activity has exhibited some green shoots over the past two months and suggests an improved growth outlook in the near term.



January macro brief: Top macro trends in 2023

The global economy faces multiple headwinds in 2023. Find out what some of the key areas are to watch.


April macro brief

March macro brief

February macro brief

Top 10 macro themes for 2023

Persistent inflation squeezes profitability. Gross margins face continued pressure as inflation and weakening demand constrain companies’ ability to pass on costs to customers.

Consumers limit spending. Consumer spending drops as households run down their savings and face up to inflation, falling asset prices, job uncertainty and higher interest rates.

Tightening financial conditions expose risk. Rising rates, other funding challenges and contagion risks are increasing corporate financial stress and driving the need to for cost take-out.

The strong USD intensifies economic headwinds. USD strength will increase cost pressures for companies buying US-sourced and USD-invoiced inputs and raise the risk of debt crises in many emerging markets.

China’s economy reopens. China’s easing Covid restrictions boost consumer demand, add production and increase global competition for resources – but expect a “bumpy” reopening.

Geopolitical developments keep volatility high. International tensions continue to create uncertainty in supply chains, resources and markets.

Depressed valuations create opportunities. Equity markets are still pricing-in a soft landing, but further asset pricing corrections are likely. PEs have dry powder to use, but higher financing rates mean they’ll face stricter criteria for LBOs.

Job market slows, but war for talent persists. Slowing global growth will help loosen the overall labor market, but certain industries will see competition for talent well into 2023.

Global energy crisis pressures businesses. Turbulence in energy markets with a risk of undersupply and elevated prices will continue to weigh on economic growth, company margins and strategic development.

Geographic shifts in industrial production. Higher energy prices, a weaker European economic outlook and supportive US policy all increase the likelihood of more European manufacturing relocating away from Europe.

Meet the team

Chris Tomsovic

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Macro Foresight Global Lead

Nick Kojucharov

Principal Director – Accenture Strategy, Macro Foresight North America Lead

Aditya Harit

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy, Macro Foresight Europe Lead