Call for change

Accenture’s journey to creating a digital, insights-driven enterprise involved rethinking the capabilities needed to run our business effectively and efficiently.

Our market and client account leaders used to manage, sell and deliver services to clients using both on- and offline reporting that had become complex, inconsistent and rapidly outdated. They needed an entirely new solution—one where information was accessible online, in real time, consistent and secure.

Such a solution would streamline and digitize business and client account management and give leaders rapid and continuous understanding of client and business performance. They would also gain previously unattainable insights. Combined, these capabilities would help leaders make more informed sales and delivery decisions so that teams could better influence the direction, growth and profitability of Accenture’s business.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Teams from across Accenture developed a new digital platform called Manage myBusiness. Manage myBusiness brings forth meaningful data and business insights so that leaders can better understand how their business is performing and, in turn, make informed decisions. They went from sorting through all kinds of reports to having quick, online access to consistent client and business performance data in one place.

Connecting with the ecosystem

Our global IT team is now collaborating with Finance, HR and Legal to enhance Manage myBusiness content and capabilities. We’re bringing in assets from Accenture’s reporting ecosystem to enhance the user experience by creating a single hub for the information leaders need. Through integrations and automations, information is generated from data sources beyond sales and finance. Users can view richer information, choose to go into more detail, perform cross-functional analysis, gain enhanced insights and take informed, effective action.

The Applied Intelligence team within global IT is adding more robust diagnostic and descriptive tools to enhance the intelligence of Manage myBusiness. This intelligence helps explain what the numbers are telling users, what actions to take to meet sales plans and revenue plans, and ways to support efficient delivery of services to clients. It helps answer such questions as: Am I behind plan? If yes, where do I need to focus? Have I recorded information properly to realize plan and revenue?

Making Manage myBusiness “smarter” makes the experience for users better by giving them deep intelligence around their business performance. They are able to make better decisions around meeting targets for their book of business from sales, strategy, pipeline, resourcing and contract delivery perspectives.

Curating insights

Another way that we are enhancing the user experience is through the curation of collected insights. Leaders are presented with insights to jump-start the review of their business performance and work with their teams to take measured action. They can also select from a centralized catalog of analytic and intelligent services, which provide more insights, faster. Behind the scenes is a consistent experience framework that makes it intuitive for a user to drill deeper to an area of focus. The services are powered by the Accenture Insight Anywhere platform, Accenture’s big data analytics platform hosted in Google Cloud.

Extending the information hub

Our team continues to work with our business and client account leaders to make Manage myBusiness more powerful by incorporating more assets and intelligence. In terms of intelligence, we are extending the capability to offer more cross-functional insights (e.g., Quality and Risk, Contract and Legal) that give a more comprehensive picture of a leader’s book of business.

And, we are reimagining Manage myBusiness’s experience to be more flexible and to incorporate “local” diagnostics that a market or client team has created. These features will extend the information our leaders have at their fingertips and customize Manage myBusiness to be more applicable to how a leader manages their business.

On other fronts, we are integrating Manage myBusiness with Accenture’s collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, to enable teams to collaborate on their portfolio/client’s business performance. We are also planning to increase the breadth of cross-functional insights. Citizen development across Accenture is growing, and we are evaluating how to bring analytics that our market and client teams create into Manage myBusiness. And, over time, we are simplifying the reporting landscape to make it easier for our teams to find what they need quickly.

Fostering a cultural change

Manage myBusiness is more than just a technological change. We’re transforming the organization to a data-driven enterprise, working with Accenture’s business leaders to create the cultural and behavioral change needed. And, we’re democratizing data and creating a new level of accountability across the organization. Key to making that transformation and driving adoption is effective change management and strong leadership support.

Key success factors

"I start my day with MMB to see how my portfolio is performing against my sales and revenue targets and identifying actions I need to take—whether following-up with my team, contacting a client leader or drilling down further into a performance metric."

— PAULA M. O’REILLY, Client Group Lead – Accenture


Strong leadership sponsorship, buy-in and investment with a business value orientation

Experience first

Principles of design and seamless navigation, fueled by user research, and with continuous releases

Blended project team

A team made up of business and IT stakeholders is essential

Focus on adoption

Dedicated adoption support, driving analytics into the work individuals and teams do

Scalable + secure

An interactive and secure architecture linking data from multiple sources

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A valuable difference

Manage myBusiness is empowering Accenture leaders and teams to spend less time on administration and more time on analyzing business activity and getting to outcomes. The platform equips Accenture teams with the data they need at their fingertips—changing the way they run their area of business and manage delivery with clients. One way Manage myBusiness provides an exceptional leap in value is in the bringing together of cross-functional information and scenarios when leaders need to look at their wider needs in operating their part of the business. Additional value is gained by having a baseline of standard metrics and metrics calculated in a standard way—all highly secure.

Manage myBusiness is one of many solutions in an extensive digital business services suite of applications that fundamentally streamlines how we manage, sell and deliver services at Accenture. Our global single-instance SAP S/4HANA® enterprise system is the foundation for all business applications and provides full data integrity and a “single source of the truth.” Accenture’s implementation of Salesforce is another critical input of insights about Accenture’s pipeline and customer relationship management. Overall, our people are working in an enterprise that is more integrated and more agile and is bringing greater value to our clients and to Accenture.

Manage myBusiness key benefits:

"Manage myBusiness completely transformed the way we prepare our technology delivery portfolio reviews by creating an entirely new online experience that capitalizes on MMB’s data and insights."

— ROBBIE GIBBONS, Director of Operations – Accenture Technology Delivery, Accenture

Increased business predictability

Use of consistent and universal information, tailored to individual needs, ultimately enables teams to take actions on decisions in real time

Increased speed

Elimination of administrative efforts puts more focus on driving client account performance, faster

Business savings

Savings are realized through rationalization of the legacy reporting landscape and redirection of time from reporting to business management

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