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Together with Reactive Technologies, we’re empowering grid owners and operators with clarity about inertia and frequency strength.

"This partnership allows us to manage what can be measured, creating the first yardstick for system strength and inertia – a capability that, together with our industry experience, will empower utilities to accelerate the energy transition."

— Dondi Schneider

The impact of renewables on grid inertia

The demand for renewable energy – from customers, business, and government – has never been greater – and it’s set to really scale as we move towards a net zero world.

This shift has serious implications for the grid; not least of which is the loss of system inertia (stability) that comes with replacing large spinning turbines from conventional generation with increasingly high penetrations of inverter-based Distributed Energy Resources (PV/Solar, EVs etc.).

Without the “parachute” of these turbines, which maintain system strength even if a station goes offline unexpectedly, grid operators have two undesirable options: invest in balancing services, or limit the amount of connected renewables, neither of which are viable in the long term.

At the core of this problem was the inability to view system inertia in real time. That’s where Reactive Technologies comes in, who offer the World’s First direct measurement system.

The energy transition and its impact on grid stability

Reactive Technologies. Enabling renewable grids.

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What is Reactive Technologies?

Reactive Technologies deploys technology that empowers grid operators and renewable asset owners to understand inertia and its impact on system strength and frequency: essential considerations to overcome the core challenges of the energy transition.

Unique measurements view

A real-time view of actual and historic inertia helps integrate renewables.

Powerful analytics

Analytics help the grid ramp renewables faster while maintaining stability.

Frequency monitoring

Frequency monitoring and analytics offer high-impact spatial resolution and accessibility.

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A world first that puts the world first

One strength of Reactive’s offering is that it is tangible, and can empower operators to measure inertia in real time, and make proactive decisions, today.

Construction of the world’s largest continuously operating grid-scale ultracapacitor in partnership with National Grid ESO confirms how important this technology is for this phase of the energy transition.

So how does it work? The ultracapacitor sends pulses through the grid, which work like soundwaves do in sonar. Measuring these pulses makes it possible to measure inertia, and the stability of the power system. 

With more renewables and distributed generation coming onto the grid, this is invaluable insight that empowers operators to aggressively move to low-carbon generation solutions.

Discover how the world’s largest continuously operating grid-scale ultracapacitor is empowering National Grid ESO to build a renewable grid.

Switch on clarity

Reactive Technologies is not only the first but also the only company able to measure the stability of a power system directly and in real-time.

The secret is clarity. Reactive’s GridMetrix® system offers real-time insight into the stability of a power system.

This enables grid operators and renewable asset owners to save significant costs, manage risks more effectively, and ultimately use more renewable energy on the system, enabling real/quick material progress on Net Zero objectives.


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