Roadmap to the cloud

Assess the health of your technology & begin your journey to the revolutionary, transformative, limitless cloud.

Taking the first step

Imagine a tool that is specifically designed to quickly determine cloud-fitness and portfolio health for federal government decision-makers. A tool that provides the directional and actionable insight needed to take those first steps.


Capture data in tailored survey template.


Analyze & interpret survey and modeling results.


Recommend actions to take based on findings.

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Are you fit-for-cloud?

Accenture’s fit-for-cloud assessment tool collects mission, business & technical information about each application & its environments.

It uses readily available data and knowledge and aligns with federal policies and initiatives, including FedRAMP. The findings are modeled and results interpreted to provide recommendations to reduce your legacy technical debt and develop your cloud strategy. Together, we chart a cloud-first road map, suited to your agencies’ needs and answer your customers’ demands.

A proven roadmap

Our Accenture’s Cloud Strategy services and assessment tool empowers federal agencies to take their first steps toward a cloud-first strategy, moving with confidence in the right direction. With 1,000+ application environments, here is a sampling of how we position clients for the cloud:


A federal client used fit-for-cloud & portfolio health analysis for 112 applications in production environments. Results were prioritized & developed into transformation initiatives & future guidance.


A defense client had a full analysis find 90 percent of 35 applications with 60 instantiations were good cloud candidates. 85 percent of those were ready for migration with minor remediation.


A federal client needed to reduce legacy technical debt & align applications with the client’s cloud strategy. We found 91 percent of the workloads should be deployed in a Community Cloud environment.

Ready to move to the cloud?

There is a lot of pressure on federal government agencies to modernize their applications, migrate to the cloud, be more responsive to mission needs, and reduce costs, but many lack the basic information needed to take definitive action. As a result, federal government organizations find themselves at a crossroad, unable to make measurable progress in any direction.

RAPID is a tool Accenture uses to quickly provide decision-makers with the basic information and insight they need to take meaningful steps to reduce their technical debt, improve security and execute cloud-first strategy.


Public cloud infrastructure for federal

By taking advantage of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) resources from leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), federal agencies are transforming their IT services and capabilities with:

  • Greater operational agility and faster responsiveness to changing mission requirements
  • Access to on-demand computing power and cutting edge tools to support new innovations like Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) Demonstrable cost savings across a wide range of applications and use cases
  • Improved security, performance and availability gained from shifting to a more scalable, standardized and automated infrastructure
  • Increased reliability through High Availability and Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities


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