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Generate test data across multiple environments

Keeping HR data safe in SAP SuccessFactors

Enhance productivity

Reduces the time it takes to create test data for more productive HR operations

Increase compliance

Anonymizes confidential employee information during testing and compliance with data protection regulations

Lower costs

Reduces administration efforts with a fast start

Scale fast

Automates processes to gain agility and reduce weeks or months to hours or days with rapid set up

Simplify set up and run

Copies data in three steps with predefined anonymizing rules

Protect sensitive data

Disguises data and enhances information safety with predefined anonymization rules

Copy platform data

Copies data within and across SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and uses a wizard to simplify the copy process

Select datasets

Selects and safely moves specific records in the cloud

Additional functionality

Works with Accenture HR Data Loader to manage ongoing and recurring HR processes, such as promotions, new hires or terminations

Reliable, meaningful and authentic test data

Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud

Discover optimal quality and efficiency

Business Apps for SAP SuccessFactors

Many HR executives are seeking Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities so they can take advantage of a variety of versatile applications. Learn more.

Awakening the digital giant

Find out how digital technologies are reinventing the HR role and opening up new productivity channels for HR teams. Learn more.

Reinventing HR

Read more about the three actions that can help HR teams to manage the workforce of the future. Learn more.

Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud

Create reliable, meaningful and authentic test data for SAP SuccessFactors. Learn more about the solution available in the SAP Store .

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Enhance productivity and speed up the implementation of both SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors Employee Central platforms.

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Global Lead Sales – APP for HR, Talent and Skilling, Accenture Products and Platforms

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Regional Sales Lead – North America

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Regional Sales Lead – EMEA, Africa and Latin America

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Regional Sales Lead – Middle East and Asia Pacific

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Accenture HR Audit and Compliance as a Service

Automatically check data in SAP SuccessFactors against pre-defined, customizable criteria.

Accenture Document Composer

Simplifies and facilitates the creation, distribution, retrieval and retention of employee-related communications.

Accenture HR Data Loader

Accenture HR Data Loader helps users to perform mass changes in SAP SuccessFactors.