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Platform engineering

Thrive in the platform economy

Platform Engineering

Platform-centered business models

Why Accenture

A strong data and security foundation

Our solutions tap into the entire Cloud Continuum and are powered by AI, data and security—for a resilient foundation today and well into the future.

Deep and full stack platform capabilities

We bring top engineering expertise to design and build end-to-end solutions with composable architectures and reusable components to efficiently scale.

Proven accelerators

Our pre-configured blueprints reduce time to market, lower development costs and allow you to focus on core business competency.

Robust ecosystem partnerships

Our mature and evolving portfolio of ecosystem partners gives you access to ever-expanding opportunities to accelerate new solutions and drive growth.

End-to-end partner

We bring a powerful combination of platform technology, strategy, industry, and experience capabilities to transform the entire enterprise.

“By helping our clients scale and enhance their platforms to introduce new business models and revenue streams, we help them thrive in today’s platform economy.”

— Ram Ramalingam, Senior Managing Director and Global Lead - Platform Engineering

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Meet our lead

We’re at a technology inflection point where incremental changes to products or services aren’t enough to act as a security blanket from disruption.

Ram Ramalingam
Senior Managing Director and Global Lead – Platform Engineering

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