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Leading in the new platform economy

What we do

Product and Platform Engineering Services

Next-gen platforms

Meet our lead

We are currently at a technological inflection point where incremental changes to products and services are no longer enough to act as a security blanket from disruption.

Ram Ramalingam
Managing Director – Product & Platform Engineering Services

Our services

Core platform engineering

Shift from a product to a platform mentality by architecting and developing an API and ecosystem strategy for a scalable and future-ready platform.

Software product engineering

Architect and manage the development lifecycle for the base product—from roadmap development, to build, test, deploy, sustain and support—at pace.

Platform enablement

Promote partner ecosystems to maximize platform adoption and achieve the revenue uplift from platform use.

Device engineering

Design and develop software that runs the device, including silicon, appliance and embedded devices to maximize performance.

How we help our clients

Engineering compute optimization

A unique solution to increase utilization by real time scoring of jobs, using AI/ML through planning and intelligent dashboards.

Quality engineering as a platform

A unified software infrastructure to support seamless multiple hardware/software platform development and testing in a CI/CD framework.

Product sustenance and innovation

End-of-the-life products engineering and sustenance can help clients to drive innovation, efficiency and cost savings.


A preconfigured solution for deploying a platform for clients quickly (ready for use in minutes).

"We help clients take advantage of the limitless possibilities that platforms offer, while accelerating their journey in the platform economy."

— RAM RAMALINGAM, Managing Director – Product & Platform Engineering Services

What we think

Cloud-enabled manufacturing operations

Accenture details cloud manufacturing success strategies for companies bringing manufacturing operations management systems into the cloud.


Accenture Commercial Software

We develop and manage more than 50 software products - spanning many industries and functional business areas.

Quality engineering

Better experiences, faster responses, greater insights, and lower risks with Accenture Quality Engineering Services.

Accenture myWizard®

Accenture uses myWizard® automation platform to implement and measure enterprise automation strategy.

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