Many companies are seeking to transition from a product-based infrastructure to a platform-driven configuration. But without the necessary skills, practices and know-how, they're stopped in their tracks. Accenture's myProductPlatform is a one-stop platform solution for companies that want to move into a new cloud architecture to become more versatile and sustainable. Find out how to overcome common challenges and become a leader in your industry.

By Ruchi Goyal

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You want to become more versatile and sustain? Learn about Accenture's myProductPlatform, a one-stop platform solution for companies.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, it threw a monkey wrench into the way companies do business. Consumer demands shifted almost overnight. Supply chains were severely disrupted. Our world changed personally and professionally with quarantines that affected companies and people’s social lives.

Agility has become not just the keyword of the day in business, but also a vital part of every business for the foreseeable future. Transitioning from a product-based infrastructure to a platform-driven configuration is the goal of businesses in virtually every industry.

Platforms provide the base for building applications and products and they leverage technologies that build a solid foundation between user engagement and ecosystem integration. Successful businesses have utilized this products-to-platform approach to become leaders in their industries.

Well, that may be all good for people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Andy Jassy of Amazon, but how can you make this transition to a wide range of applications and better sustainability?

Through Accenture’s myProductPlatform (MPP).


Solves common platform challenges

MPP is a cloud-based platform that allows clients to provision in the cloud based on customizable platform templates in a single, simple interface. In other words, it provides a one-stop platform solution for companies that want to move into a new cloud architecture to become more versatile and sustainable.

Through extensive client interactions, our Accenture team saw how companies are struggling to become more modular. And we learned that about 60 to 70% of clients encountered the same problems in this effort to build the proper foundational platform: They must start from scratch and they lack the technical expertise to do it.


The added value of MPP

With MPP, we have created something that is production-ready out of the box for clients to use to reduce their time to market and without the high technical costs of trying to do it alone. MPP helps companies by:

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  • Creating reliable, scalable and configurable architectural templates based on use case or industry
  • Allowing clients to focus on value-added services like partner integrations
  • Promoting ongoing efficiencies with no technical debt
  • Reducing foundational development time by up to 70%
  • Reducing time to market by up to 40%
  • Reducing platform development costs by up to 60%

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Versatility is at the heart of MPP

The foundation of MPP is the same for every industry and how clients access the back-end services is similar from one environment to another. The core platform and services, cloud provider, security, API architecture and data layers are added as part of the foundation services.

MPP is a team approach with each client. This isn’t something that we give a client and then leave them alone to implement. Accenture’s highly skilled technical experts work with clients to ensure that their platform meets their unique business needs.

When we designed MPP, we wanted it to be very user-friendly. There is often a lot of end-product documentation with projects where PDFs must be created and stored. With MPP, all of the information is easily accessible for clients. And we also took additional steps at the domain layer to ensure that clients understand the blueprints and instructions.


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Platforms at scale have data needs. MPP allows clients to easily add data processing, analytics, machine learning services and pipelines to manage the data that comes with having a large-scale platform in production. That’s why MPP covers applications, data and end-user services for clients.

As a result of the added value that MPP provides, Accenture won the CODiE award for Business Technology in June from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) for the Best Platform as a Service. It reflects on our talented team of product and technical architects and shows our commitment to improving the user experience in the enterprise world.

About the author

Ruchi Goyal 

Ruchi is a Managing Director at Accenture and the global lead for the Product Platform Engineering & Modernization business in Industry X. Get in touch with her on LinkedIn

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