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Accenture + SAS

Seeking better outcomes? You’ll need more insight

Where it matters most

Customer insights & growth

  • Customer segmentation & insight
  • Personalisation and marketing campaign transformation
  • Real-time customer and marketing platform transformation

Digital finance including fraud, risk, waste & error

  • Regulatory risk
  • Fraud, money laundering, intelligent surveillance
  • Profitability insights & growth

Digital transformation including advanced decisioning

  • Advanced decisioning engines
  • Enterprise wide digital platform transformation
  • Cloud migration strategies

What we think

Critical mass: Managing AI’s unstoppable progress

There are those who find success with AI and those who don’t. What sets them apart? Culture and values.

The time is now: How to scale AI

Learn how to master the proven success factors that help businesses multiply value from their AI projects.


Meet our lead

Sue McNamara

SAS Global Practice and Partnership Lead – Accenture​
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