Accenture + Red Hat

Transforming organizations to run without boundaries in the cloud for enhanced agility and innovation.

Committed to open innovation

Accenture and Red Hat have built a strategic alliance to help clients achieve better business results with innovative solutions for complex enterprise projects.

As strategic partners, Red Hat and Accenture work hand-in-hand to bring world-class innovation to enterprise clients, while facilitating and accelerating their transformation journeys. Each partner brings its own unique set of capabilities—coming together in an extremely powerful value proposition—to significantly increase agility, accelerate innovation, reduce costs and improve quality and security.

Our Red Hat services

Bringing combined service capabilities, open source technologies and global scale to help organizations lead transformation in their industries.

Open hybrid cloud

Enable a multi-cloud strategy underpinned with hybrid application and data placement across any public or private cloud, virtual and physical environments.

Digital decoupling

Apply new technologies, development techniques and migration methods to allow multi-speed delivery by decoupling systems of interaction from systems of record.

Intelligent automation

Deliver holistic intelligent automation orchestration and management capabilities for any platform, any cloud, anywhere.

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New horizons with hybrid cloud and open source

With change now ever-present, the need to digitally transform has never been greater. In hybrid cloud and open source, enterprises have a strategy that has been proven to streamline and accelerate the process. One might even say open hybrid is the future of enterprise IT.

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What we think

A new future is on the horizon – one that’s different from what we expected.  Will you watch the world change around you? Or be the one leading it?

Tech strategies for innovation and growth.

Learn how your company can capture the value of the cloud and deliver more value to your business.

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Our leaders

Discover our Red Hat technologists’ best practices, experiences and insightful ideas.

The Open Banking journey

Bruno Azenha explains how banks can embrace open banking and reinvent the way they interact with consumers to compete with disruptors.

Red hot at Red Hat Forum Zurich

Melanie Imfeld shares her experiences and the topics discussed at the 8th edition of the Red Hat Forum in Zurich.

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